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Four-Point agenda will power Anambra to sustainable devp – Carter Umeh



I WOULD like to see a refined Anambra State; Anambra that will look like Dubai, a finished product. His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has done very well.

He has taken the bull by the horn in this regard and will still do more to lay every necessary foundation to taking the state to an enviable level that will be the envy of other states in Nigeria and beyond and motivate pride in every citizen of Anambra.

Let’s take for example, the commissioning of oxygen plant in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University[COOUTH] Teaching Hospital, Awka, recently, the best of its kind in the whole South-East. He also invested in substations to assist EEDC generate power in our dear Anambra State.

It is something we see in the US, that we see here. So, His Excellency, Willie Obiano has started establishing everything. If we can get a governor that will continue like him, in the next 10 years, Anambra State will be a finished product.

I will see Anambra State that will have improved IGR, beautified; improved because His Excellency has done well in capital management. People will no longer be in abject poverty. I want to see happy Anambra people.

In the next 20 years, more gains would have been made but it all depends on governance. For instance, who is the next governor of Anambra State?

That is the question because we have three arms of government; we have executive, the legislature and the Judiciary. So I will like to see these sectors working together in synergy. His Excellency has established human capital development, industry, lighting of Anambra State,

street lights everywhere, you can see flyover even in riverine areas. In security, Anambra is secured and remains the safest state in Nigeria, even in Africa, I can bet that. Someone picking from him is important, including the legislators.

And of course by 50 years, it will be time for consolidation of gains made over the years between then and now.  I want to be optimistic that we are going to achieve that. So I will like to see a well-developed Anambra, even if you come to work, you will see that everything has been worked.

I want to see security fortified. I want to see people that are not hungry, government beautified. Finally, I want to see skill acquisition, people picking up. It has to start by now, so by then, we will be telling the story. So I will like to see a well-established Anambra.

Now, the natural question that arises is my tip on how these feats can be achieved within these time benchmarks. It has to do with good governance. I feel that I can initiate a situation where everybody will have identity card.

We need to identify every onye Anambra no matter his or her station in life. We need to identify people that have good mind set in Anambra. So with that, it has to be team work. It is a rigorous thing; it depends on good qualities that will develop it.

I want to see human beings that will achieve it by making sure that we are practical, but Gov. Obiano’s Four-Point Agenda is providing all the spade works, which I believe his successors, should continue to develop further.

We can even create our own resources. Like we already have Anambra Rice, kudos to His Excellency, we want to have Anambra cattle. We can decide to have our own fuel. Thank God oil was recently discovered in Otuocha. And by then, we will be oil producing state. (Hon. Umeh is the Member, representing Aguata I Constituency in Anambra House of Assembly).

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