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I want Anambra to rival Lagos as urban state – Chief G.O.C Ezeno



MY SINCERE goodwill goes to all ndi Anambra, both those living at home and those in Diaspora. An occasion of 28 year’s anniversary as a state is certainly a landmark, depending on where anyone is looking at it.

We have crossed many roads and will still cross some more until we get to Anambra of our dream where all citizens will be proud to belong. Our dream should be an Anambra State that can rival Lagos as an all-urban state.

In doing this, our governments should devote more energy to critical investments in physical infrastructure.I am talking of building roads to connect every town, particularly those in rural areas with cities and urban centres.

This will promote easy movement of people and goods and stimulate economic development. A situation where there are no non-seasonal roads connecting communities even in one local government area is certainly retrogressive to this cause.

I mean taking over one hour to go to Ogboji from Akpo because of bad road. I am looking forward to an Anambra State that you get to Awka from anywhere in Aguata L.G.A within 30-45 minutes as obtainable in Lagos.

This is why I am calling on government to urgently construct the Akpo-Amesi-Ogboji Road which is presently in tatters. We built our schools and hospitals, government can assist us by giving this strategic road a new facelift.

As we know that Rome was not built in a day, we’d be naïve to expect that this massive infrastructural development would take place overnight.

But we expect that by next 10 years, there may be durable roads in at least all the local government headquarter towns that connect each of them to Awka or any nearest Trunk-A or Trunk-B roads.

By next 20 years, there should be access or feeder roads in each of the towns that make up any local government area with which it is connected to their headquarter towns.

And in 50 years time, the state must have been totally connected with intra-city roads that are built to match global standards.

My idea on how this can be achieved is that it should not be left to government alone, though governments at all levels must contribute. I want private sector participation but government must be in the driving seat by opening up rural communities such as Akpo with good network of non-seasonal durable roads before it becomes attractive to private investors.

If this is done, it won’t take long before Anambra overtakes Lagos in urban and economic development. (Chief Ezeno is an Akpo, Agauta L.G.A-born Lagos based telecoms engineer, grassroots political strategist and immediate past president-general of Akpo Development Association).

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