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Investment in social infrastructure will give us Anambra of our dream – Prof J. O. Ogbuagu



MY DREAM for Anambra State is to become a place where all of us will be free from immoral acts, to be a sustainable place and secured as it is now with facilities, utilities that will sustain lives and make everyone comfortable.

In terms of infrastructure, already something is on ground and our prayer is that more things will be put on ground so that Anambra State will be a beautiful environment. For our dream to be achieved, we hope for good governance and despite that, indigenes of Anambra State, which are me and you have our own goals to score, thereby actualizing our dreams. We should make positive contributions and be good citizens for the growth and development of our state.

Perhaps, all the facilities needed for people to live a full life and be happy , safe, such as good road network, electricity, water, safety facilities that make life worth living. Anambra people are very hard working.

I don’t expect them to kill themselves but to continue working hard. At the side of education in our state, Anambra people are more enlightened and industrious in every part of the country where they found themselves.

Therefore, we can together actualise our dream by making Anambra  look more like urban area in the next 10, 20 to 50 years.

We have high literacy level in Nigeria. Out of school children is a problem many people have today and it also exists in Anambra, but is very low to be compared to other states. What worried us some time ago in Anambra was low male enrolment in schools but it’s no longer as bad as it used to be earlier. Many families are now insisting that their male children must go to school.

Even if they may decide to be traders or business people, they will do it like educated people because it will be easier for them. Education increases the quality of life you live as a person and also be productive for the benefit of the state.

We as Anambra people are very conscious of the fact that education is important for our girls and boys as well. Since children are the future of tomorrow, when they are well trained, they will put smiles on our faces and there will be hope for brighter tomorrow.

We can achieve our dreams by training a child well. Get him or her very educated. If the person is not desirable to go university, at least he or she must have secondary school certificate.

Let the person know the good from the bad and the right from the wrong. Then government provides facilities like good roads, security for safety of the citizens and minimum infrastructure.

There is a threshold for people to live and be happy not to become crazily happy, but to live as complete human beings. (Prof Ogbuagu is the Chairman, Governing Board, Anambra State Primary Health Care Development Agency).

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