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Our markets have become secure, orderly – Nwawuzie



Victor Nwawuzie is the president general, Ogbaru Main Market, Onitsha

WHAT was the situation of markets in Anambra State in 1991?

  Ogbaru Main Market has been in existence for 35 years, which means that it existed before the creation of the state. As at 1991, this market, and indeed, most markets in Anambra State were not as big, accessible, peaceful, and orderly as they are today. Security was at its lowest ebb. In fact, all these modern amenities that we are enjoying today were not in place. Markets as at then were managed by touts and so you can imagine what the outcome would be.

How is it today in markets in Anambra State?

Well, today, many developments have taken place in this market and other markets across the state. In fact, no market in Anambra State is still as it was in 1991. The roads that lead to markets are now accessible. We have street lights; we now enjoy modern amenities in the markets; we now have this fly-over that connects this market to Upper-Iweka and this has reduced the rate of accidents around here.  Above all, the activities of touts, thugs, kidnappers and armed robbers have reduced to a low point.

Why is it as it is today?

Markets in Anambra State are really doing great today because the state government, led by our amiable governor, Chief Willie Obiano, has provided supportive environment for trade and businesses in markets to grow in the state. The previous administrations, in their different capacities, did well in supporting traders and trade in Anambra State, but this present administration has done noble, because the governor practically brought security and sanity to markets and business areas in Anambra State, when he drove away touts, robbers, kidnappers, thugs out of the state. With this came peace and orderliness in our markets. These markets benefitted from the N20m choose your project that the government did in 2017, and it was put to good use. Now all the levies that are collected from traders in this market are legal and are properly accounted for.

How will it be tomorrow?

Judging by the way this present administration is supporting trade and businesses in Anambra State and if this rate of development is sustained, markets will be better tomorrow. If the government continues supporting traders the way they are doing now, and traders on their own part continue to support government, trade and businesses in Anambra State will only get better.

How do you want it to be tomorrow?

Tomorrow, I want Ogbaru Main Market to be the largest market in Onitsha and its environs.

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