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Urbanisation of Awka, impressive– Atogu



Ify Atogu is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Leisure Parks and Street Beautification Agency

WHAT was the situation in the Sector in 1991?

At the time of the state’s creation, Awka wore no look of a state capital.  Then, you hardly know when you pass through it. At that time too, neighboring towns, such as Oji and Ugwuoba seemed to be more prominent than Awka. The only seemingly popular road was Eke Awka Market, situated around the old Enugu-Onitsha Road. After the creation of the new Anambra, Awka began to wear a new look but at a slow pace.

How is it today in Anambra State?

I can say that until 2015,  that Awka was a glorified town. It’s turning to a mega city, initiated by Gov. Willie Obiano. You can’t but appreciate the level of urbanisation of Awka. The narrative keeps getting better by the day.

Why is it as it is today?

That’s because of the leadership. When the head is performing well, everything progresses well.  Ndi Anambra appreciates what Gov. Willie Obiano is doing to turn things around in the state.

How will it be tomorrow?

I’m convinced that tomorrow will be better than what we have today.  Gov. Obiano has set the ball rolling and without doubt, anyone that he hands the baton will doubtless keep the flag flying..

How do you want it be tomorrow?

I would want Anambra to be like Dubai and Canada.

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