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We no longer trade with fear – Nwankwo



Jude Nwankwo is the president general, Building Materials International Market, Ogidi,

WHAT was the situation of markets in Anambra State in 1991?

  Well, markets in Anambra State as at 1991 were all about touts and touting, kill and acquire, kidnappings. There were neither peace nor order in the markets. Traders were practically doing their businesses in fear. Leadership in different markets as at then would best be described as the survival of the fittest. Market elections were done amidst shootings, killings and kidnapping. In fact, markets were then sort of  breeding grounds for all kinds of evil.

How is it today in markets in Anambra State?

Markets in Anambra State today have developed tremendously. We now have peace, orderliness and tranquility in the markets. Even elections for various leadership positions are now peaceful. We now use option A4 in our elections. Government, through its representatives monitors market elections to make sure they are free and fair. Whatever levies collected in the markets now is legal and the government knows about them, above all they are properly  accounted for. Unlike before, markets are now accessible, plus the fact that  we now have modern amenities  in our markets such as clean toilets, car parks, pipe-borne water, banks  and even  good restaurants in our markets. Traders now do their businesses without fear of being shot,  kidnapped or extorted at any moment.  Again, the citing and development of markets in certain areas bring general development in such area.  Take for example, in this market, the development and  expansion of this  market have attracted various investors to invest their business here, some of them are still scrambling for spaces to establish businesses in this market.  But then, this developments are possible because Anambra State is now secured and peaceful.

Why is it as it is today, sir?

Well, markets in Anambra State is where it is today because the state government has, especially this present administration, provided conducive environment for trade and commerce to thrive in the state. The previous administrations tried in their different capacities, but this present administration has done commendably great because it drove thugs, touts, robbers  and kidnappers out of the markets  and indeed out of the state; thereby bringing peace, security of lives and properties,  orderliness, and  sanity into the markets. The governor, Chief Willie Obiano, through the Commissioner for Trade, Commerce, Markets, and Wealth Creation, Sir Chris Madubuko, has done great in appointing Ikechukwu Ekwegbalu as the leader of all the markets in Anambra State, because with them at the helm of affairs, markets are only becoming better. Traders now pay their levies with happiness because that is their way of supporting the government.  Traders are equally happy with what the state government  is doing for them, in terms of good  roads, security, street lights, and above all, security of lives and property.

How will markets be tomorrow?

Markets will be better tomorrow if the successes that are recorded so far are sustained. Markets will also be greater if the government continues to support traders the way they are presently doing. The people that are piloting the affairs of the markets now are really doing well. So if things keep going the way it is going, in say, two years’ time, when the tenure of this present administration will expire, markets in Anambra State will be better than it is today.

How do you want it to be tomorrow?

Well, in future, I want Building Materials International Market, Ogidi, to measure up to major markets in the world.

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