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We should focus on massive production – Ibida



WHAT is your view about Anambra at 28?

Anambra has come a long way. Anambra is on the views of the public, the only state that is free from crime, free from kidnapping and free from robbery; a state where payment of salaries is sacrosanct. This money lubricates the economy and the economy grows. The exponential growth of the economy of Anambra  is  fantastic.

And I believe that with this second Niger Bridge being put in place and with a lot of plans that are on and by the time the airport comes on stream; I know that His Excellency is very interested in that and of course, International Conference Center that is ongoing; by the time it comes on stream, Anambra State’s social environment will change.

If the stadium they are working on now  is accomplished, you will see that total transformation will take place.

What do you consider the major achievements of Anambra at 28 years?

Anambra is seeing by all other states as a state that is a pace-setter.

What is your dream or expectation for Anambra State?

My dream is that we should focus and operate on massive production and trading in a conducive environment.

What is your suggestion on how to achieve this dream?

Our business people should start coming together and also, start thinking home and invest in Anambra State. I believe in Akulueno  philosophy.  Our people should start investing  in  Anambra State. Then,  you can see the economy will start smiling and we will create job opportunities   for ourselves.

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