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APGA chieftain lauds Obiano’s industrialisation prog



A CHIEFTAIN of All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA),  Jude Emecheta has expressed strong reservations on people’s hold to their ancestral land.

Chief Emecheta while barring his mind during the state’s 28th year anniversary stated that though the ideals of founding fathers are yet to be fully actualised, the state is aggressively moving on the right direction towards achieving them. He described the tight-hold attitude of the people to land as impediment to the industralisation programme.

“Looking back to the former Anambra State and now, there has been a great difference, though some of us are emotionally attached to Enugu because it is still the heart of Igbo land. So far, it has been so good as the state is doing well. It is waxing stronger. However, there is room for improvement.

“A major challenge to the pace of industralisation is the strong attachment of our people to land. Acquiring land now is much difficult, unlike when we were together in Enugu. It was easier for government then to map out land for development. It is not so now, as obtaining land for industrial cluster and agriculture comes with great difficulty. So, the pace is not as fast as it should be, you cannot develop an industry with this type of mindset.”

He narrated that there was a time government wanted to develop Awka but the people resisted, saying it was their ancestral home. “Tell them to provide land; they will begin to ask for outrageous compensation”

Emecheta praised the efforts of Governor Obiano who he described as Ekwueme of Igbo land, while urging him to continue in his strides as the people are solidly behind him.

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