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In Awka, ASWAMA cleans up Ngozika, condemns indiscriminate dumping



NDI Anambra have been advised to always participate in the regular monthly sanitation exercise every last Saturday in a month from 6:00am to 10:00am, and to  take practical and serious actions in cleaning their environment in order to be safe and fit healthwise.

Managing Director, Anambra State Waste Management Authority (ASWAMA), Amechi Akorah, gave the advise  during  Saturday’s  environmental sanitation exercise at Ngozika Housding Estate, Awka.

According to him, they were present in the estate because of the volume of debris found at the corridor of the estate.

“In Ngozika Estate, ASWAMA runs a gate-to-gate evacuation of waste disposal but over time, they have not been able to stop the attitude of cutting trees and dumping on the corridor of the estate and we marked out this estate today as one of the areas we would clear the accumulated garbage and debris out from the corridor”.

Akorah noted  that residents of the estate and ndi Anambra have been informed through Ngozika Resident Association (NRA) and media respectively on proper sensitisation of cutting trees in homes, bagging and tying waste, adding that in response, NRA has set a task force that will help in enforcement.

“The corridor is not for dumping of waste and whosoever  wants to cut trees in his home can cut the trees into pieces, pack the woods and allow it to dry. If he chooses, he  can sell it out to people that need it out there.

They should allow the leaves to dry in one corner of their compound, and then pack it in bags like in rice bags so that whenever we come for our regular evacuation of gate-to-gate, we will pick it up, but not to dump them on the corridor.

It shouldn’t be in public domain. There is a penalty of  N10,000 on anybody found disposing waste indiscriminately. Anybody whose compound is  overgrown with grasses and has not cut it despite the sensitisation and warning from government and Ministry of Environment, serving notice to residents, if they fail to comply, the sanitation court is coming soon and they will have to face the law”.

Head of Sanitation Compliance and Monitoring, Community Relation, ASWAMA, Obinna Okeke, who was also seen at  a disposal point around Enugu-Agidi Road by Amawbia Express with a crew on duty said that the primary function of ASWAMA was to clean the environment, adding  that having a clean and safe environment is a collective effort of all.

“ People should stop avoiding to observe the sanitation day. It is something that we need to start inculcating into our lives as a culture, even from primary school.

Ministry of Education should put it as part of education curriculum, so that we start earlier imbibing this culture in our young ones to know the importance of environmental cleanup and learn how to properly tie wastes in bags before disposing them at designated spots, and not to litter them in dump site,” he stated.

One of the residents of Ngozika Estate, Tony Collins Nwabunwanne , frowned at the lackadaisical attitude of people who indiscriminately dispose their refuse on the axis between Kaycee  Ofodile and Igwe Orizu Road. He said, “for me to have seen the MD ASWAMA on ground goes a long way to bring hope for the people in the estate, especially those of us living around this road. We are having issues of people dumping refuse on this road. They don’t want to comply with the rules and regulation. The best way to go about it is by enforcement. If ASWAMA can plant or get one or two people around to monitor and prosecute defaulters, then all these will stop…”

Abraham Nwachukwu, who was seen during the exercise said that it didn’t occur to him that it was general environmental sanitation day.

“ To be sincere with you, I don’t know that today is general environmental sanitation day but I know that in Anambra there is a day for that. I just came back from Port Harcourt. I am someone that likes cleanliness and I hate to see people dropping things inappropriately by the roadside. If I have my way, I will personally arrest the person because it is not good”’ he stressed.

A mechanic, Harryson Josiah said he had done his clean up at home and shop. “When I saw the ASWAMA truck around my shop, I was happy because I know that they have come to clear the dump site. People should always come out to join hands in keeping the environment clean, not locking themselves up inside their houses till the time for free movement,” he stated.

In her advise, Ujunwa Nwosu admonished people to turn a new leaf . “When you pass this dump site, the odour one inhales is very unpleasant. People should stop indiscriminate disposal of refuse. It makes the environment look untidy and bad to health.

A reasonable human being should always make sure that wastes are tied and dumped in the right place. If not, it will smell badly and litter the whole place when rain falls.”

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