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Juve: Emre Can unhappy with absence in UCL list



EMRE Can has revealed he is ‘angry and furious’ at Juventus after he was left out of their latest Champions League squad.

The former Liverpool midfielder joined Juventus back in 2018 on a free transfer.

Since then, Can has made 38 appearances for the club.

He’s also played six times in the Champions League.

Though, he’s been pushed down the pecking order due to recent signings.

Both Adrien Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey joined Juventus over the summer.

Now, Emre Can has been left out of Juventus’ latest Champions League squad.

Safe to say, he isn’t happy in the slightest. “I really can’t understand this…”

Can has admitted he’s ‘angry and furious’ after being ‘promised something different’ last week.

“The fact that I am not in the Champions League squad is extremely shocking for me, mainly because I was promised something different last week,” the player admitted, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo. “On Tuesday they phoned me and told me, in a conversation that didn’t even last a minute, that I was not on the list and they didn’t give an explanation.”

Emre Can also revealed that he could have left the club this summer.

Though, one factor in him staying was the Champions League.

“There were talks with other clubs [before the transfer window closed] and one of the conditions for me to stay was to be part of the Champions League squad,” Can continued.

“That does make me angry and furious because I think that I played well last season, above all in the Champions League.

“I really can’t understand this and will now see what I decide to do from here and I will seek talks with the club next week

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