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Mojekwu takes ANCSDA to media Target



Assures improved human devp services Nnabuife pledges to give more attention to devp projects

Last Thursday, General Manager, Anambra State Community and Social Development Agency (ANCSDA), Mr Chudi Mojekwu, became the first chief executive to feature in the Media Target project of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), publisher of National Light, Ka O Di Taa and SportlightXtra newspapers. During the media parley, tagged ‘National Light Media Target’, he was engaged by reporters of several media organisations as he gave account of feats ANCSDA has recoreded recently.

GENERAL Manager, Anambra State Community and Social Development Agency (ANCSDA), Mr Chudi Mojekwu, Thursday, visited Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), publisher of National Light, Ka Ọ Dị Taa and SportlightXtra newspapers on a media parley, tagged ‘National Light Media Target’

The ANCSDA GM, accompanied by the agency’s Communication Officer, Mr Nnamdi Onuzulike, were received by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, ANPC, Sir Chuka Nnabuife and the Editorial Team of the corporation.

In his welcome remarks, Nnabuife said the National Light’s Media Target offers CEOs, principals and promoters of government and non government organisation opportunity to interact operators from ANPC and other media organisations directly under the rally of ANPC, using its flagship newspaper, National Light.

He  said the platform did not choose everybody but those whose activities rub off on the larger society, be it economical, political, culture or even social, provided what they do were relevant, stating that the media has thrown away its main role while running after those who don’t do much to touch people’s lives like the ANCSDA. He promised to promote ANCSDA and other developmental agencies.

“The ANCSDA is directly connecting development to grassroots. The agency, under Mr. Mojekwu makes economic incentives meaningful and most of the time, he is on the field in the rural areas. He may not have enough time to be hobnobbing with the media. Today, that we have him on a short notice, we will take much of what we can get from him .”

“We can acknowledge the fact that the media have not done much. We have not been paying much attention to ANCSDA. What the ANCSDA is doing is developmental and the main window into developmental issues is the media. They are the ones that will tell you whether things are actually going on or not,” he said.

The General Manager, ANCSDA, Mr. Chudi Mojekwu, who acknowledged ANPC for sustaining legendary decision from the days Daily Star in old Anambra State, for overcoming challenges and the turbulences over the years, to the point of innovative transformation it enjoys today. He appreciated the management of National Light for the gesture accorded the agency to communicate to ndi Anambra the agency’s role in the state and the leverage it will offer the state in its drive for sustainable socio-economic growth.

The agency, whose  goal is to increase access of poor people to improved social and natural resources and infrastructure services in a sustainable manner; empowering communities by giving them resources and authority to use them reasonably, became operational last year in Anambra State.

According to Mr. Mojekwu, “ it was a child of necessity. We have to establish ANCSDA because the World Bank puts together a project called CSDP (Community and Social Development Project) and part of the commission is that the project has to be implemented by an agency of government established by law. That was how ANCSDA was established through the act of the state House of Assembly, sometime in March, 2009. But it didn’t take root. It didn’t really blossom until the administration of  Chief Willie Obiano resuscitated the agency.”

“It’s surprising to say that ANCSDP as a project, has been going on in over 30 states but not in Anambra, until last year. The CSDP is all about promoting Human Development Services (HDS) and the focus on the poor people living in our rural communities specifically. The objective is to give these poor people in our rural communities access to improved social and natural resources, infrastructural services in a sustainable manner throughout Nigeria.”

Under the scheme, Mr. Mojekwu noted that 12 local government areas currently benefits from it based on poverty rate, stating that 78 projects have been completed and that they are currently working on 38 projects in various communities across the state.

These communities, he said, had to come up with “Community Development Plan” (DP), which follows Community Driven Development approach  (CDD approach), where the community takes charge in terms of identifying their priorities, needs and solutions to it.”

The CSDA boss informed of the agency’s target of people he referred to as the highly vulnerable group, which takes care of poor widows and widowers, migrants, minorities, people that are physically challenged, but are referred to as people living with physical needs.

He maintained that until the agency’s interventions touch these people, it has not succeeded, adding that the reason why it opened the window was for them to have advantage in community wide micro projects.

“Currently we have about 80 micro projects scattered in about 37 communities. Three of them have been fully completed and functional. The rest are at various levels of completion. The total amount budgeted for these micro projects is about N354 million and we have disbursed about N129 million.

“The beneficiary groups and communities must do something. They must contribute something to their own development. For community micro projects, we say 10 percent in cash or kind or a combination but for these vulnerable groups, it’s only five percent.

The total amount they are going to contribute is about N4 million and N355 million is the total cost of our project.  So it has been quite challenging but very fruitful. Currently, about 298,000 beneficiaries are benefitting from the projects;

that is  those directly being impacted by our interventions and so this is the journey so far and we are working very hard to keep on increasing our intervention, doing partnerships with local governments system with communities all in a bid to kick out poverty,”he said.

In her vote of thanks, Editor of National Light Newspapers, Mrs Rose Oranye, appreciated Sir Nnabuife for initiating the platform, saying that the state can’t have an agency like ANCSDA and just know little about it, adding that  with the platform, it will be a  different story.

She stated that ANCSDA may have other media covering their activities but the truth is that they come to National Light for references on what is happening in Anambra State, including most of the Lagos based media outfits.

“It’s good that you have identified with us. Again, National Light is here for grassroots development. We are serving the government and people of Anambra State and ANCSDA can’t be doing this kind of project without us.

As you are here today, I would request one thing. It is not just enough sending us stories, it is important that we also go there and ‘eye mark’ the projects because sometimes, the stories are assumed to be more authentic if the reporter sees and  reports his own way.

“I will appreciate it if you make us part of what you are doing. Because of what we started with you, we began a page called rural development to bring out things done in our rural communities. That page is specifically for your kind of projects.

We would appreciate if this relationship that started today will continue so that at the end, we will all achieve what we have gathered here for- bringing development to the grassroots,” she said.

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