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Roman Reigns to fight Rowan in Clash of Champions



WWE now officially adding Roman Reigns into the PPV match card.

After Roman Reings attack in the parking lot, Rowan and Daniel Bryan were the primary two names to be declared, the attackers. Footages clearly showed that Rowan was the one to commit the crime but Daniel Bryan was not present in the scene and hence denied having any association with the attack. He continued to claim so by appearing on Smackdown main event segment and wanted an apology from Roman Reigns, again.

The Big Dog soon appeared and walked down the ramp to give an answer. But before he could do so, Rowan pounced on him from the back. He put Reigns down at ringside and sent him into the steel steps. Rowan slammed him face-first into the apron as Bryan looked on. Bryan even tried to stop him but Rowan seemed relentless.

He delivered an Iron Claw Slam through the mat to put down Reigns and continue goading about putting his life in jeopardy, for good. Daniel Bryan tried to stop him again as Rowan took the mic and asked him to step into the ring right there and show him how big of a man he is. He also asked to slap him around and Bryan gladly accepted.

He slapped across Rowan’s face to make the monster furious. Rowan grabbed Bryan with the Iron Claw and drove him through the announce table and screamed out “never again!”

The crowd was completely shocked to see the turn-on of Bryan’s disciple towards his master. Rowan could have gone for more attacks unless the officials ran down to make the save. The Big Man is out on his own disconnecting his bond with the Planet’s Champion.

After what transpired on the show, WWE had no choice but to confirm Roman Reigns vs. Rowan at Clash of Champions. For now, the rumoured matchup against Daniel Bryan looks to be out of the box. issued the following statements to confirm the latest addition to the September 15th PPV event, “Roman Reigns will be out for payback at WWE Clash of Champions when he goes one-on-one with the monstrous Erick Rowan.

This bad blood goes back to what, at first, seemed like an accident, when what was declared a forklift driver error led to lighting equipment falling and nearly crushing The Big Dog as he walked backstage for an interview. Will Roman Reigns get the payback he’s been looking for, or will Erick Rowan continue to inflict pain on The Big Dog.

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