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Thunder strikes boy dead in Ekiti



Mob force man to eat items in his sacrifice pot

RESIDENTS of Emure area in Ado Ekiti are still trapped in shock waves triggered on the town after a school boy was struck to death by thunder on Saturday.

An account by a resident said that the boy caused his death by stealing some eggs from a hen about to hatch, adding that such act is taboo in the community.

Thunder allegedly struck the boy dead on the spot while he was eating the boiled eggs. Another boy who was meant to eat the eggs with the deceased had to abandon them and ran to people in the neighbourhood and confessed what had happened.

It did not take long after news of the incident spread in the town as elders went seeking for traditional purification of the land to appease the gods.

Similarly, a yet to be identified middle aged man was yesterday afternoon, lynched by irate mob in Isato Oke for bearing an earthen pot containing substances believed to have been used to prepare ritual sacrifice.

It was learnt that the man’s white garment dress gave out an unusual appearance which continued to draw attention of passers-by who met him on the road, and in no time some people accosted him with intent to see the content of the pot.

But his resistance of such overture irked the crowd that quickly gathered at the scene leading them to mob him.

Accusing him of being among those that carry out diabolical rituals in the area in recent time, they forced him to eat all content of the pot while the crowd watched to ensure he spared no bit or pieces of the substances.

Effort to confirm whether the man died proved futile.

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