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Verratti wants games stopped for racist acts



PARIS Saint Germain and Italian national team midfielder, Marco Verratti has called for games to be stopped when racist abuse occurs in wake of Inter’s Romelu Lukaku being subjected to racist abuse in a  match against Cagliari.

“You have to stop games because otherwise we won’t go anywhere. I know it’s a big step to take, but we have to do it because otherwise those 4-5 stupid people will always be there,” he told Rai Sport.

“Lukaku’s appeal was right. It’s up to us players to show we can be role models for all ages. We carry great influence. If it starts with us, that’s a good thing.”

Verratti also shared his thoughts on the arrival of Mauro Icardi from Inter.

“Icardi joining me at PSG was a nice surprise. I didn’t see it coming it until yesterday (Tuesday). He’ll give us a hand for sure,” he continued.

“We’re a good group, but having competition makes a player grow. If you want to win and be competitive in every competition, you must have players like him.

There aren’t many like him in the box. He’ll give us a hand, help us grow and he’ll grow himself.”

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