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“I just want to smash Wilder” – Fury



TYSON Fury is raring to go. He wants to smash Deontay Wilder as soon as possible. Any delay is just going to make him feel furious, even if a delay meant him becoming a little bit richer.

Fury is said to be offered £50 million to delay his rematch with Wilder. The said delay is meant for Wilder, the WBC heavyweight champion to be able to face Andy Ruiz Jr. early next year for the undisputed world heavyweight title. This, of course, if Ruiz wins his rematch with Anthony Joshua for a whole range of titles – WBA, WBO, IBO, and the IBF belts. Ruiz and Joshua’s rematch is set on December 7 in Saudi Arabia.

Fury is not having it. Not one more second delay in his fight against Wilder, he says. Agreeing to a delay in exchange for more money in his mind makes him a “cheap whore,” as reported by Boxing Scene.

“I have heard about him saying he wants to pay me some step-aside money but I’m not a cheap whore, I’m very expensive,” Fury said. “And I don’t really want to step aside from anything,” he added.

He even added that he does not need more money anyway.

“I’m not interested in taking money to step aside. A few more pound coins in my pocket is not going to make me or break me,” he revealed.

Fury and Wilder fought last December and achieved a draw. Both agreed, even though not announced, to have a rematch In February 2020.

Before this massive rematch, however, both of them have individual fights to see trough. Fury will be facing Otto Wallin of Sweden in Las Vegas this coming Saturday, September 14. Wilder, on the other hand, will be facing Luis Ortiz in November.

More than money, Fury is just interested in claiming a victory against Wilder. “I just want to smash Wilder in the rematch,” Fury said. “I’m not interested in the money side of it, I just want to beat him and get what I deserve. The victory,” he explained.

He is also very sure about his impending win against Wilder. “Wilder doesn’t want to fight me. He couldn’t beat me when I’d had three years out the ring and he couldn’t beat me when he knocked me down twice. So he hasn’t got a chance of beating me now,” he said.

The fight is also becoming quite personal to him. He said that he does not care about the titles anymore, beating Wilder is enough. “But it’s about more than a belt between me and Deontay Wilder, I want to beat him, I want to get what I deserve and that’s the victory,” he said.

According to Metro UK, Fury is so ready to fight that he is threatening Wilder with a lawsuit if the rematch does not push through. “The contract has been signed for February 22. Agree is or you will have a lawsuit on your ass,” he said.

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