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Turan receives jail sentence for firing gun in hospital



ARDA Turan has been sentenced to a suspended jail sentence after shooting a gun at a hospital. Turan is technically still a Barcelona player although he has been on loan to İstanbul Başakşehir for quite some time.

The Turkish midfielder turned up at a hospital and shot at the floor. He was sentenced for causing a panic, illegal possession of a firearm, and intentional injury. The court gave him a two year, eight month jail sentence but he will not actually serve the time unless he commits another crime in the next five years. In addition, his club fined him 2.5 million Turkish lira.

The incident stems from last year, when the 32-year-old got into a brawl with Berkay Sahin, a pop star, and her husband at a club. Turan was accused of verbally assaulting Sahin, injuring her husband, and then firing a gun at the hospital while apparently begging for forgiveness.

The player has apologised and vowed to correct his behaviour. However, he insisted he had not sexually harassed Sahin, and the court agreed on that count, acquitting him of harassment charges.

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