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ANPC productivity retreat berths



Nnabuife promises repositioning the organisation for higher strides

‘Work to blend with multimedia journalism’


A THREE-day productivity and orientation workshop organised for the staff of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation(ANPC), which took place at the National Light Event Hall, has ended with a call to the workers to work towards upgrading themselves to meet up with the challenges of their jobs.

In his remarks at the occasion, Speaker, Anambra State House of Assembly,  Uche Okafor, thanked the management of the ANPC for organising the retreat, describing a work place as where someone earns a living, adding that one really needs to work for it. He advised against mediocrity and encouraged synergy in the work place.

“For you to be very good in what you are doing, you need to have people that are good in different areas, people that have all these skills needed to work in unity because for you to achieve the organisation’s role, one person cannot do it all. What kills most of us here is mediocrity. Some people don’t know something and don’t want to ask. “

You know that Anambra State is one of the best states in the country in terms of team efforts and you need an organisation like this to market what the administration is doing. I tell you the amount of efforts you place in your jobs determines how well you perform.

We are in an environment where there is encouragement for people. We have a government that supports us in everything. It is now left for us to make sure that we do our duties to make National Light the best in the country,” he said.

In his keynote address, the state’s Head of Service, Harry Uduh, exposed the workers to some of the items stipulated in the Civil Service Code of Conduct as it concerns them, as well as the structure and functions of the civil service, even as he justified with reasons, the establishment of such parastatals as Anambra Newspapers And Printing Corporation and other agencies by the state government, which he said, primarily exist to help government deliver its mandate for good governance and well being of the people.

Speaking further on the state’s ‘Expectation from Civil Service in a Commercially Competitive Parastatal,’ Uduh, who also doubled as the Lead Speaker at event, highlighted some of the private practices a civil servant can engage in, to include agriculture, and warned them against such unacceptable misconducts as lateness, negligence to duty, absenteeism, bribery, corruption, among others, maintaining that anyone caught in the act will be seriously dealt with.

“There are punishments for the misconducts in public service, each with its own gravity; including dismissal from service, reduction in rank, surcharge, written warning, suspension, etc. If you do your work without running afoul of any of the misconducts, you will be an excellent worker”


Uduh charged workers to take their works very serious and put in their best in it, so as to improve their relevance and productivity, which he said would complement Gov. Willie Obiano’s efforts in transforming all sectors of the state and also reflect on the well-being of the state and Ndi Anambra at large; while urging them to henceforth, take Civil Service as ‘Ọlụ Anyị’ rather than of ‘Ọlụ Oyibo’.

In his remarks, Chief Host and Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, C. Don Adunuba, stated that the management of ANPC has done the right thing by organising workshop and recognising the primacy of human resources in the growth and development of the corporation. He said that only organisations where staff work with passion make progress. “You excel when you become competitive”.

“Developing human resources is critical. No country, no organisation can make progress without developing the human resources. Update yourself with the necessary knowledge and competencies.

I must commend the managing director and his team for the remarkable changes we have noticed here in the last one year. Any time I come here, there is something new. I almost didn’t recognise this place. Every leader must have true feeling of the people and the social values…”

Guest of Honour and Chairman, House Committee on Information, Anambra State House of Assembly, Okey Okechukwu, expressed his deep appreciation for what he  witnessed in a very short while of his presence at the National Light event.

“This is my first time of participating in events of National Light Newspaper. I have been hearing about National Light and seeing your work here and there and we appreciate the good works of every member of this organisation.

“It is evident that we are all pursuing a common goal to make Anambra State better. To that effect, I commend all the members of the staff and management of the organisation for credibly informing the public what is obtainable in the state.

One thing you must know is that information leads to transformation. Once you are properly informed, you are transformed to help informing others. That is the importance of communication. Once there is communication, there must be understanding.

We must understand ourselves. If we do not understand ourselves, there is no communication. So, National Light, we appreciate you and we must support you to promote what we have.”

Managing Director and CEO of Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation, Sir Chuka Nnabuife, unveiled his mission to make the corporation the number one print media house in the country.

Sir Nnabuife noted that the National Light, which is the longest-thriving state-owned newspaper in the country, has remained somewhat latent over the years, until the recent time, with the incoming of the corporation’s current administration under  Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, who brought him on board.

He however highlighted some of the feats recently achieved in the corporation, which include the regular publication of the newspaper on weekly basis, introduction of two more newspapers — Ka Ọ Dị Taa, which is the only Igbo Newspaper in the country, and which has won numerous recognitions and awards in just less than two years of its operation — and the SportsLightXtra; as well as rebranding and digitising of the organization and its operations, among others.

These, he noted, has repositioned the organisation in the frontline and improved its status in the rank of media rating, a remarkable difference than where it used to be in the last five years.

While crediting these to Gov. Obiano’s giant stride and the industriousness of staff, Sir Nnabuife also said he was not yet satisfied with the feats and the status of the organisation, which he said was the prime reason and driving force behind the workshop.

He maintained that the orientation and productivity workshop would feature interactive lectures on ‘Workplace Relationship, Workers’ Life, and Productivity, among others, which are all geared towards consolidating on the feats so far achieved and making the institution the number one print media outlet in the country.

In his presentation, titled “Changing Role Of Media Practitioners in Anambra Governance, Managing Director of Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), Nze Uche Nworah, stated that the media as stakeholders in Anambra State should strive to know all the activities of the government, both at the state and local government levels, to be able to explain and defend the activities and policies of the government to ndi Anambra.

“The media should also be able to provide feedback to the government. Therefore, journalists should equip themselves with the necessary skills like ICT, communication and writing, to be able to blend with the multimedia journalism”.

He commended the management of ANPC for organising the retreat. “Training opportunities like this one helps the employees to upgrade and develop their skills. He also said that the management of National Light Newspapers had been doing commendably well in positioning their newspapers. At least, National Light can now boast of Ka O Di Taa, an Igbo paper that is also doing well. But then, then the management needs the support of the workers to do better.”

In his lecture titled: Workplace Relationship, Dr Paul Ifeanyi, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Gov Obiano on Post Primary Education, admonished ANPC staff to live and lead by example. According to him, the head of an organization must endeavour to lead by example, supporting his opinions with cogent instances. A good leader must inspire people to be the best they can be.  He must be able to influence people to attain joint organisational goals and objectives.”

Dr. Ifeanyi further advised that a leader who leads by example will attract trust and mutual respect from others, as well as better positioned to foresee realities for future approach.  The academia charged all to respect the established structure of command as well as take responsibility. “Everyone is important in the society. Evaluate and appraise your subordinates. Show them love,” he advised. He further explained that the kind of relationship existing between heads and subordinates should be orderly.

ICT expert, Chukwuemeka Iheonunekwu, in his lecture titled; “How to Brand Your Business Online for Exponential Growth, “explained that the internet has made branding easy unlike the past years. He said that the reason for failure in business was because people spent time in building a business instead of building a brand.

“Every product will definitely go obsolete after sometime. However, once a product goes obsolete, it paves way for the development of a new one.”

Managing Director, Anambra State Signage and Advertising Agency (ANSAA), Sir Tony Emecheta, said that National Light must have a marketing edge to sell well, and that the paper must be seen as not just a product but a strong brand. He maintained that credibility of the print media is stronger than the online.

On advertising, he said the more adverts, the better for the organization.

Speaking on ‘Make a Product a Brand’, Mr. Mike Meze of Brand Aristotle, said a brand could be what it wanted to be. He noted that a person must understand his organisation or employer before talking about branding. He maintained that every employee’s success is interwoven with the organization’s success.

He advised that every employee should be a team player to sustain the organisation’s brand, besides saying that whatever anyone invests in him or herself always stays with the person.

In his remarks, Special Adviser to Governor Obiano on Agric, Mr Paul Nwosu, who is a journalist of repute, said that National Light operated in a competitive environment and that attitude to that effect could only bring the desired change. “For National Light to excel, the right attitude must supersede any challenge or emotion that things are not working or that it’s difficult to get result.  As a brand, the name National Light must reflect what the paper stands for.

He suggested that the paper holds a quarterly meeting with distributors, adding that Ka O Di Taa should be holding cultural shows or programmes to promote the paper. He also said that billboards promoting the papers should be placed across the state and later in the entire South East zone.

Publisher, MetroStar Newspaper, Emeka Madunagu, advised on the need for relevant skills for reporters in modern newsroom. He said, as newspaper organization competing with others, there was need to reach out to global audience, stressing that working as a team is important to meet the target.

In his presentation, Access Bank, Relationship Manager Of Employees In Value Chain Desk, Chibuzor Chikata, spoke on how workers can meet financial emergencies that come knocking before next pay slip arrives than fold arms and watch while such emergency sweeps concerned worker away. He advised participants to resort to Access Bank ‘pay day loan facility’

He noted that the package does not discriminate on types of employment, but open to staff, as well ad-doc and contract staff with definite monthly salary.

Speaking on health matters and well-being, Executive Secretary Anambra State Health Insurance Agency, Dr. Simeon Onyemaechi, described the Anambra State Health Insurance Scheme as one of the best things that ever happened to the state health sector. He likened the scheme to as traditional isusu done in Nigeria, where people pull resources together and everyone benefits from it, the only difference being that the scheme subsidises health bills.

He encouraged people to register with the scheme, allaying fears of the scheme going under some day, “There is no way everybody in the pool would ever fall sick the same day. At any time, there are only 15-30 of the population that will fall sick and require seeing a medical doctor.

“A law by Anambra House State of House Assembly created the scheme giving a minimum of 0.5 percent of consolidated revenue of Anambra State to that goal. What that means is that any amount of money accrued to Anambra State is set aside for it, so, it’s not something a government wakes up tomorrow and abolishes,” he said.

Mr. Maxim Uzoatu,  a celebrated writer who has many published works to his credit, advised writers and reporters to write, read everything they can lay their hands on and imitate what they get from it, since there is nothing wrong in imitating until a person becomes perfect.

“You have to plan your work. It should have the beginning, middle and ending. You plan your work so that you do not run into problem in the course of your work. If somebody like Wole Soyinka couldn’t make it in Journalism interview conducted in his early career, it simply means that anybody can fail a test if they fail to plan. “

“There is something called inspiration in writing but no matter your inspiration, you need perspiration. You have to gauge what you have within out. If you have a story in your head, it is not a story until you have told it is better done when you have your facts put together.

Facilitator of the retreat, Dr Casmir Nnaemeka (Left) with some ANPC workers at the registration point during the event

Speaker, Anambra State House of Assemby, Uche Okafor(middle) ,being welcomed to the event by Sir Nnabuife(right) and others.

Anambra State Head of Service, Harry Uduh (Middle), Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, C. Don Adinuba (right), SSA to Governor Obiano on Post Primary Education, Dr Paul Ifeanyi and others arriving at the event.

Some of the dignitaries at the occasion and some management staff of the corporation cutting the anniversary cake.

Executive Secretary, Anambra State Health Insurance Scheme, Dr Simeon Onyemaechi (middle), speaking at the event while the SSA to Governor Obiano on Health Insurance and Pension Matters, Mr Dozie Okpalugo (left) and Nnabuife watch.

Members of National Light Art House after performing at the event

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