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Dried meat sellers reassure customers of qualitative products



DRIED Meat Preservers Traders Association (D.M.P.T.A) Ochanja International Market, Woliwo Onitsha, has assured customers who patronise them of quality delivery, noting that their products,  before being sold to the general public undergoes necessary approval tests by approved agencies in the country.

Speaking to newsmen on the backdrop of an alleged existence of poisonous kpomo (cow hide) in some markets in the country during the union’s weekly meeting to evaluate the health standard of their products, held at their headquarters, Woliwo Onitsha, Thursday, the chairman of the union, Chief Ikechukwu Aniude,

flanked by Chief Nwarugo Uchechukwu, Mr Aniobi Chinonso, Sir Kingsley Nwanna, Mr John Ndubisi, vice chairman, secretary, patron, BOT member, respectively, noted that the association is very much conscious of the health danger of selling what is unhealthy to the members of the public,

hence their rigid insistence to maintain high standard by making sure that all the products sold inside the market meet all approval standard of various regulatory agencies.

Said the union, “this our business has been existing for years. We are registered organisation and we source our products from notable northern states like, Gombe, Kebbi, Mubi, Taraba, etc. This dried meat we sell here are certified through laboratory tests by various state governments before allowing us to buy from them. Alsom, we have our own internal testing standard.

We make sure our products are well packaged and inspected thoroughly before bringing it into our market. There was a time the authorities of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who are on a research mission came into the market and investigated us and at the end, issued us a certificate of excellence. They certified all our products to be of international standard.

Anything that is unfit for human beings, we don’t allow it in our market because we don’t know who will be a victim, whether it will be our relations or not”.


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