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‘i am a bad project’ – Mourinho



Jose Mourinho admits that he had the chance to sign a lucrative offer from Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande, but he is looking for a different challenge as he plots his return to the game.

“It would be the record [salary] in the history of football managers by far,” he said when asked about the offer from the Chinese Super League outfit. “[But the job was] not for me.

“For sure my next job will be a difficult one because I am very bad at choosing projects. I am either bad at choosing projects or the bad projects choose me. But it is always the same.

“When I go to Madrid, it is because Madrid are in trouble. When I go to United it is because United are in trouble.

“When I go to Chelsea the first time it is because they haven’t won the league in 50 years. When I go the second time it is because their top team disappeared and they want to be champions with a new team.

“When I go to Inter it is because they haven’t won the Champions League for 50 years.

“I have never had one of these clubs where it is: ‘Come on, the team is here ready’. But that is the nature of things. When the teams change coaches in the middle of the season it is for a reason. It is because of bad results.”


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