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Invest in Igboland – Industrialist urges Ndi Igbo



THE much preached ‘Think Home’ and ‘Akulueuno’ philosophies, propagated by the former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife and the incumbent, Governor Willie Obiano, respectively, have continued to be re-echoed by notable Nigerians.

To this end, the Chief Executive of Praise High Motors, Chris Orji, urged ndi Igbo not to put all their eggs in one basket.

Speaking from his office in Nnewi, Orji observed pathetically that most developed edifices and tourist attracting buildings at main cities in Lagos, Abuja and northern parts of the country were owned by ndi Igbo while back home, they have nothing tangible to show for their wealth.

Orji, who is an illustrious son of Nnewi, expressed joy that the people of Nnewi were the first Igbo citizens to embrace think home philosophy with their hardworking nature which ranked them high in technological breakthrough, as Nnewi is popularly addressed as the Japan of Africa.

The Praise High Motor boss used the opportunity to appeal to the federal government to tackle all the bad roads that link Lagos, especially Ibadan-Lagos-Ajibade, which breeds deadly pot holes that shorten the life span of modern vehicles that ply that route.

He said that deplorable condition of that route has necessitated diversion through motorable routes.

He commended the gradual step ndi Igbo are taking  by establishing industries that will ensure job creation for their teeming youths, graduates and other jobless adults.

He said that when jobs were created from viable investors, that the urge to move to developed areas for employment vacancies will be minimised.

Praise High motors boss it will be recalled, was honoured for visible contributions to church projects and activities during the just concluded 15th Annual Conference of Anglican Men’s Fellowship, held at St Mary’s Cathedral, Nnewi.

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