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2023 Presidency: Igbo won’t miss chance



ABIA Central Senatorial District representative at the National Assembly, former Senator Chris Adighije,  has declared the South-East region as better positioned to replace President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Speaking on speculations over which region will replace the president at the expiration of his tenure in 2023, he, disclosed that in order to achieve this objective, the region must negotiate with the South-West region.

The former lawmaker pointed out that any region, individual or group undermining Igbo capacity to get the presidency position is doing so to their own peril, adding that the Igbo are resourceful and won’t accept to be underrated.

“We have to reorganise our strategy and approach to national issues “We should think about this strategy, come together and talk to individuals. Let people understand where we are coming from. This will also affect other issues and positions in the future.

“I have used the word strategy. It will not be strategic for me at this point to say whether we are going to meet or not,” he noted.“It’s part of the strategy I am talking about. You can’t get anything without negotiation.

“You have to negotiate with other regions of the country. Before we go into that negotiation, you have to put your house in order.

“Many people think that it is impossible for the South East to put its house in order. But that statement lacks merits. That’s not true. I know that Igbo are resourceful.

“The only thing the Igbo won’t accept is for them to be underrated. Don’t underrate the South East.

“Anybody doing that is doing it at his or her own peril. At the appropriate time, our strategy will become clearer.

Continuing,” Igbo has its own style of politics. We are matured people and we have produced people like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Michael Okpara and others.

“So, we can’t say South Easterners don’t play politics. There is a need for reorientation and plan in view of the fact that the South-East was hitherto the majority. We are now becoming a minority.

“We need to begin to talk to ourselves. We are becoming an endangered region. We have the least number of states.

“There is no way we can balance up with the way we are going. We need to stand for ourselves as a people. Politics is a game of power and we need to plan.

“We must try and do the right thing. So, I stand to be quoted that the South East needs to re-strategise.”

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