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Anambra creates new environmental health, sanitation dept



ANAMBRA State Government has approved the creation of Environmental Health and Sanitation Department to entrench the ‘Dobe Anambra Ocha’ Policy.

The department, which was created from the pool of environmental health workers in the 21 local governments of the state previously under the Ministry of Health received her official status at the office of the Head of Service.

The Head of Service, Harry Udu while making the pronouncement to the members of the health association charged them to see the vision which prompted the governor, Chief Willie Obiano to grant them a epartment.

Udu further urged them to ensure the new status translates to effective performance and actualization of their mandate.

He then assured them of full cooperation and support from other ministries and agencies.

In his remark, the Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Obi Nwankwo, urged the Environmental Health Department to key in strongly into the ‘Dobe Anambra  Ocha’ Policy, noting that the policy is a permanent one.

Mr. Nwankwo advised the workers to see the project as their baby. In his words: “I want you people to take this as your baby because that is the only way we are taking cleanliness back to our families which is the whole essence of the ‘Dobe Anambra Ocha” policy.

Mr. Obi called on the heads to sit and articulate laws which would be discussed and passed through the Attorney-General to help in the actualization of enhanced results.

He then encouraged the officers to avoid the urge for extortion and to discharge their legal duties honourably.

Also speaking, the Commissioner for Trade and Commerce, Mr. Uche Okafor pointed out the need for synergy between the new department and the Ministry of Environment describing this as the only way to achieve sustainability.

Mr. Okafor noted that when the environment is clean, the government would have lesser job to do and governance becomes smoother.

He then urged them to come out from redundancy now that the governor has given them room to function meticulously under their new department.

Contributing, the Chairman, Local Government Commission, Dr. Peter Egenti rejoiced with health officers at their new status while saluting the wisdom of Governor Obiano and his State Executive Council in creating a Sanitation Department in the state.

Egenti however pointed out the need to create a clear path for the new agency and sister agencies in the state to avoid overlapping operations.

In his vote of thanks, the president, Environmental Health Officers, Anambra state, Mr. Abadoned Moses N. thanked the governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano for granting them the opportunity to serve better in the society.

Mr. Abadoned then promised that the officers were ready to work effectively and collaborate with other parastatals for a cleaner and healthier Anambra state.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. OKEKE Charles

    September 19, 2019 at 8:58 am

    As you are creating an environmental action campaign in Anambra state please look into this my write up too:
    Permit me to make my observation here as a good son of the soil, moreover bearing in mind that few months from now sons and daughters of Anambra state will start returning home for the festive season.
    1. No visible bus stop anywhere on our roads, so vehicles stop anywhere and any how
    2. No car/bus park outside these roads
    3. Some drivers makes U turn at the center of the road thereby creating traffic hold-up
    4. Some drivers will even stop at the middle of the road to greet and exchange pleasantries with another driver without thinking of the cost
    5. Cars/buses are parked on the roads thereby reducing the available road for other motorist
    6. Buses load and carry their passengers on the road and so on
    7. No speed limit signs on our roads
    1. The government needs collaboration with road safety, and other relevant agencies for the creation of real bus stops. These bus stops will not be a stop on the same straight road but will have some curve inside ( out of the stretched road) and be built to contain three to four vehicles at a time depending on how busy the road may be.
    2. The government with the support of private individuals is to create parks. ( I will talk about this another time)
    3. The center of the road should be partitioned with a concrete wall so that nobody will be able to turn at the middle of the road except where the authorities wants motorist to turn.
    4. Enforcement agents will help check the driver’s excesses
    5. No car/buses should be allowed to park on the road
    6. No bus should be allowed to carry passengers on the road except on the designated parks and bus stops
    7. Speed limit signs should be mounted on our roads. Especially before junctions etc

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