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Anambra legislators commend founding fathers




AS NIGERIA marks her 59th Independence Anniversary, the Speaker Anambra State House of Assembly, Uche Victor Okafor  has said that  God has continued to shape and superintend over the affairs of the country despite numerous challenges.

In his message to mark this year’s independent anniversary, Okafor expressed satisfaction with the contributions of foremost political leaders who fought for Nigeria’s independence towards the corporate existence of the country, describing them as selfless and visionary leaders.

The Speaker while wishing Nigerians, especially Ndi Anambra a happy independence celebration, enjoined them to uphold only those things that will uplift the people and unite the nation. He called on the nation’s ruling political class to see the peace and progress of the country as a priority by formulating policies and programmes that would be of benefit to the masses.

Okafor, enjoined both government and private security operatives in the state to join hands with Governor Willie Obiano in sustaining his security initiative, which he said is the best in the country, while calling for equitable distribution of the nation’s resources among the six geopolitical zones of the country.

Member, representing Aguata 1 Constituency, Carter Nnamdi Umeh, in his independent message  emphasised on the need to create a synergy between the executive, legislature, judiciary and the masses. According to him, “1st October in Nigeria is a day remarkably set aside to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence and the birth of freedom from foreign domination.”

He prayed for the fruition of the “Nigeria where policies will be aimed at transforming the lives of a common man, where government officials will be seen as nationalists whose power are predicated on how much lives are being affected, and most importantly, where loyalty, patriotism to motherland is everyone’s top priority which the founding fathers foresaw.”

The legislator wondered; “How many are willing to die for Nigeria’s course? Are we politicians emulating the legacies of our heroes past? And do the powers of the government predicate how well they affect the lives of people who elect them into office? If we can’t answer all these questions, then everything, all this while, has been a Mirage.

“It’s time Nigerians, ranging from the elders, elites, ruling class, and people reevaluate and work down the aisle of history to know where we got it all wrong. Maybe checks and balances need to be restored within government in order to restore the hope of every common man in Nigerian…”

Also, the Member ,representing Awka North Constituency, John Nwokoye , said, ”59 years after the British packed up their stuff and left our corridors of power, I can’t but reflect on the state of our nation and ask if indeed we are truly independent. Our current state can hardly be described as independent and calls for sober reflection.

“But it can get better. We will get better and our nation will get there but we must quit talking and start working. Over the years, our people are no longer interested in what those of us who represent them intend to do,  rather they want to see and feel the positive impact of that work in their lives.

“With love for my immediate constituency, Awka North; my state, Anambra and Nigeria; a fierce commitment to a vision of rapid progress for our large population is what I am focused on achieving.

“To be truly independent in Nigeria, there is need for a radical change in the political leadership; a visionary, competent and inclusive leadership that truly cares about our country, such as we are bringing to Awka North.

“I concur with Fela Durotoye, a business consultant, leadership expert, and motivational speaker, when he said; “A nation is not defined by its borders or the boundaries of its land mass, rather, a nation is defined by diverse people who have been unified by a cause and a value system and who are committed to a vision for the type of society they wish to live in and give to the future generations.”

“Anambra State has a land mass of 4,844km², the least after Lagos State, but has managed through visionary leadership of the present Government to harness its potentials and placing it among the fastest growing States in Nigeria…”

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