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Family planning affordable, safe – Onyejimbe



ANAMBRA State Director, Public Health, Dr Uchechukwu Onyejimbe says family planning and child spacing is affordable, safe, as well as an effective way to have children when needed.

Onyejimbe said this while addressing stakeholders at an event to mark `World Contraception Day’ at Nnewi, Nnewi North Local Government Area (LGA) Secretariat.

“Family planning and child spacing is a decision by an individual or couple regarding when to start having children and how much time to allow in between births.

“It helps mothers within child bearing age to rest between pregnancies in order to regain health, strength and also reduce risk of complications during or after pregnancy.

“It helps couples to reduce anxiety and stress that is related to unplanned pregnancy,” Onyejimbe explained.

He adds: “family planning enables men to play their fatherly role of giving guidance and support to their children.

“It also allows men to maintain quality time and have closer relationship with their families.”

The director enjoined  men to always support their wives in opting for family planning for better and happy home.

State Family Planning Coordinator, Mrs Stella Ekwezor listed different types of modern family planning, childbirth spacing methods to include pills, injectable, implant, Intra-Uterine Device (IUD), male and female condoms.

She noted that modern family planning methods have no complications but rather, they have side effects such as headaches, weight gain or loss and dizziness, depending on the kind of body system of a client.

“Remember drugs and foods we eat have side effects; so, it is normal for family planning methods to have side effects,” Ekwezor said.

She urged clients to consult their providers for help in case the side effects turned out to bother them.

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