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Nigeria’s National Anthem: Message of Hope



REMINISCING Nigeria at 59 years under neocolonialism and at the same time, the perpetual institutionalisation of corruption and again deeply listening to our nation’s anthem, I still see hope where one day, Nigeria and her compatriots will rise from the dark woods to the new world order, that has gone ahead of globalization to a polarized world. Interestingly, most African nations will be celebrating their 59 years as well and if only we can implement 5% of the content of the anthem – Nigeria will be better.

Her children have been called to arise and obey the call to serve their fatherland with love, strength and faith, but division and the institution of corruption would not allow them fulfill their God-given potential and purpose. The greatest asset of any nation, they say, is the people, but the inescapable truth is the ‘right people’ and you achieve that by transforming the psyche of the people through education (formal and/or informal).

The next line says, “The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain” ….supposedly to build a nation in unity and prosperity, but from the story of Singapore by Lee Kuan Yew, whose country got independence about the same time we did, has a lot to show from their heroes, Lee Kuan Yew befriended our so-called heroes to be able to evaluate his growth because they got independence about the same time. But when he realised African leaders like to talk big but do nothing…….he projected this continent, including Nigeria will have nothing to show in 50 years time, because the so called heroes did not have a clear cut vision for the nation they seek sovereignty, apart from their selfish and personal aggrandizement. Their actions through coups, wars and lootings have rippled  many of her children.

“To serve with heart and might – One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity” is now engulfed in ethnicism, fanaticism, nepotism, tribalism, impunity, marginalizations. Shouldn’t we work for  implementation of this part of the anthem, not building a nation that is multi-cultural, multi-religious, multilingual, multi-ethnic, etc? A nation where peace, freedom, unity and justice are reigning; where we live in just and veracity with one another for us to be able to attain  lofty heights.

In all these, we still believe in her, we still believe she will protect us, we still believe she will feed us, we still believe she will accommodate us all, we still believe in our unity, we still believe justice and veracity should always prevail, we still believe we are Nigerians.

We sing to God to direct our noble cause, guide our leaders right and help our youth the truth to know in love and honesty to grow,

May the pride and glory of being Nigerian a remain in your heart forever and may you fulfill our pledge to Nigeria.

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