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WWE teases fans with CM Punk’s return



RUMOURS of a potential CM Punk return have been taking over the WWE, once again. This is perhaps the most discussed topic of the decade which leads to ‘CM Punk’ chants on WWE shows, regularly.

With so much going on in the pro-wresting industry, right now, fans just can’t keep the former WWE Champion out of context. Plus, the superstar himself is reportedly interested to come back to a non-wrestling role.

Reports were out regarding CM Punk showing interest to host a talk-show when after SmackDown moves to FOX. Renee Young will be the main host of the show named WWE Backstage with several WWE legends shuffling around as co-hosts.

Punk was said to be one of them as he appeared for the tryouts of the talk-show. This future gig could certainly bring him back to in-ring competition.

Additional updates are now available which hint that there could be a future scenario to make it the ‘return of the decade. The situation could be like, “probably not now, but eventually” where we will see the former WWE Champion back in action for the company. However, the entire process is going to be ‘super quiet’,

“CM Punk… I asked, I got back nothing definitive, as it should be. If and when it happens, it should be super quiet. One source went on to say “probably not now, but eventually” so that’s that.”

Wrestling Observer Newsletter, meanwhile, say that if CM Punk decides to come back then it must happen in WWE. Both the parties will be monetarily benefitted upon signing a deal, “If C.M. Punk is to come back to pro wrestling, it looks like it will be here.” They further remarked: “The impression from WWE is that they believe he wants back in but right now it’s nothing they are counting on doing.”

The backstage feeling is that an in-ring return would almost have to happen if Punk agreed to work the weekly studio talk show on FS1 that starts airing in November. However, he downplayed all the rumours during an appearance on Los Angeles-based radio station KROQ 106.7 FM’s Kevin & Bean Show.

When asked about the potential talk-show host stint or a WWE comeback, he reacted with the following statements,  “You mean to tell me you’d watch a show where I talk about wrestling?”

“I think people have… it’s taken on a life of its own… If nothing happens, please don’t be mad at me.” (courtesy  As you can see, Punk has never mentioned the word ‘no’ regarding his return.

With SmackDown moving to FOX, WWE is going all-out to top the weekly TV ratings which needs big names on the roster. The longest-reigning WWE Champion in the modern era could be one valiant name in this context.

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