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Boulder crushes displace family in Ado Ekiti



A FAMILY of six people has been displaced in Ado Ekiti, when boulders from a nearby hill crushed into their residence in Odo Ado area of Ekiti State capital yesterday. The accident occurred yesterday during a heavy down pour that submerged many parts of the town, leaving gory tales of destructions in its wake.


But Mr. Egbeola Oludotun and his family is by far the worst hit as they count their losses occasioned on their building after giant igneous rocks got the entire four bedroom apartment crashing down. Although no life was lost, properties worth millions of naira belonging to Oludotun and his family allegedly got destroyed by the accident, with the 68- year-old mechanic calling on governments and god spirited individuals to come to the rescue.


People gathered to sympathise with the beleaguered family, striving to salvage clothing items and some household properties from the rubbles in which they were buried or besmirched. According to Mr Egbeola, the incident happened few minutes after taking his morning meal alongside his wife in the living room.


“I just finished having my breakfast with my wife around 10am was yet to take the usual relaxation when I heard a very loud bang at the backyard. I had thought it was a thunderstorm or another noise from the neighborhood.


Before I know what was happening, I saw broken rocks flying to our direction, I quickly grabbed my wife and we took to our heels and escaped by whisker. We came back few minutes after only to see that my building has been  and other valuables in the house has been destroyed beyond repair while others were buried in the rubbles,” he narrated.

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