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Night gals: For road safety or road keeping (2)



  • A reporter’s night stroll through red light streets

THE history of prostitution or perhaps, the first official mention of the word, ‘prostitute” referring to the trade, prostitution could be traced to Rahab.

This was first mentioned in the Holy Book, the Bible. However, the accompanying story recorded her repentance and  change of attitude thereafter resulting to her redemption and becoming part of the dynasty of the root of David.

Like l always say , ”Nothing (good or evil) is new to the earth.” Thus, this business of prostitution is not new. However, it has been taken to a new level; adopting various innovations. All thanks to the social media and the press. Recall that in the first edition, we had shown light on the presumed and assumed reasons behind the informed decisions of those involved. As earlier promised, we would shed light on the other side of the coin; the marketing power of the road safety per se.

I want to apologise for the delay in the release of this second edition. The delay was due to the situation at hand. I want my friends and readers to get firsthand information on the street beats. Hence, my adventurous journey to four states within the federation namely; Lagos, Benue, Owerri and Awka.

Considering the fact that the business of sex for money seems to be thriving in most other cities that are not mentioned here, please, don’t get offended as we needed to get as much data under a limited time .

Starting with the golden city,  Lagos, It was not easy getting a full accounted data as I had to minimise costs and other miscellaneous expenses. Despite these prevailing circumstances, I managed to get quite some results.

Based on logistics, the market power of the road safety found at places like the popular Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos, is virtually different from the kinds found at the Island parts of Lagos, especially in the axis of Apapa.

By deep interaction and research, it was discovered that those found within some strategic places like Apapa earn more. Why? Because most of their clients form the foreign expatriates, especially Lebanese citizens and other top importers and exporters residing or visiting that part of Lagos. Surprisingly, a higher percentage of these creatures found there are usually ladies from the South East and South South regions of Nigeria.

One Amaka (not real name), revealed that she earns a N50,000 and above per service to one client in a good day. If she does that for seven consecutive days, she would be earning close to half a million naira. Abeg, tell me which bank branch manager in Nigeria earns that much? Whereas the road safety, hanging in the Allen Avenue parts of Ikeja earns based on her clientele list. I had an awful experience as I drove with my friend in the Isolo area. We stopped by to say hello to his co-military colleagues. After exchanging pleasantries, he entered the car and off we went. As we drove, he told me that three out of every house in that particular street were strippers club guarded by armed soldiers. Ordinarily, I saw houses, normal houses but an insider source has let the cat out of the bag. In short, the adage, ” the more you look, the less you see”; applies to Lagos. For instance, an apartment you never imagined could be the lodge for the most sensual and sexual beings you never thought of. And to say that the Lagos State Government is not aware of this situation would be hard to believe.

However, I’m sorry if i digressed from the main point but there is need to curtail excesses and re-inform cum re-educate if we must enjoy a future generation full of power and godly wisdom.

As I took a dive into my own area of residence, Bariga, it was another tale to tell. The interesting thing about Lagos, especially in ghetto areas is the fact that the lodge housing the road safeties doesn’t look it in the daytime but come through that way again from the cool evening time, say 7pm, you’d be amazed. Hence, a building close to the popular Bariga Market is housing over 30 girls in a 10-room structure. Each is mandated to pay #1,000 to the landlady. The landlady is double-faced. Firstly, she is the owner of the chalet. Secondly, she acts as a marketer cum middleman or agent; bringing potential customers to them and getting paid at an agreed percentage.

One of them spoke to me in confidence and under  anonymity. She spoke in Yoruba indigenous language. I could easily guess she had barely finished the junior level of the secondary school education. She explained that she makes daily cash of N8,000 – N12,000 under good market conditions but hardly earns half or quarter of it on a bad day. I didn’t go further to ask her future plans to invest her earnings, because she seems to have no idea at the moment. I hope that she turns a new leaf and gets acquainted with entrepreneurial skills.

Meanwhile, a tour to the popular Allen Avenue boasts of high class road safeties. Most of them happen to be undergraduates from the higher institutions around. I wouldn’t want to mention names. But these set of persons seem to have alternative plans to their future. Let me share a personal experience with you. I had to shake off my shyness to demand for the attention of one (note that i had to do this to get a clue to their price list). The response almost choked me off.  N30,000 what! For a night? Is it a night with the king? I and my friend, Victor had to laugh it off as we walked our way back to the bus stop as we head back to our base in Oworonsoki axis.

Notably, the situation is not far from the case in the acclaimed ‘Fun city’, Owerri, as a large percentage of the road safeties are majorly students. Their prices per service differ based on the interaction to meet to an agreed bid.

Evidently, the one at the Port-Harcourt earns highest compared to those around the Okigwe Road by over 10 percent increment. Thus, if the latter charges N5,000, the former is likely to charge a double or triple of that same amount.

Confidently, one Jennifer (recall I had mentioned her case in previous edition) claims, she makes #50,000 weekly. But guess what? It’s annoying to know that the monies are never well accounted for. It is used to buy pain-relieving drugs and contraceptives. While a larger part of it is used for shopping for unnecessary clothing items and make-ups.

Coming to the other side of the South East, the most secured state in the region with state capital at Awka is becoming a hub for fun seekers. However, a thorough research into the influx of road safeties is based on the migration of visitors into the city. The claim by one Amaka is that she makes a total of #40,000per week, thus earning a total of #160,000 per month. I suppose the question on your lips is this: how does it happen? This sort of business seems to be attractive.

These beings possess special marketability skills if a road safety could earn this much despite the economic structure. Note that this special ability to hit a satisfied figure is a combination of beauty and experience. It would take extreme moral discipline to keep away from the temptation of money to avoid going into this state of moral decadence. Whatever is the reason behind the choice of operation in this line of business, It is paramount to re-orientate our youths on the need for moral education and good discipline to maintain their values.

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