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Operation Kpochapu II: Anambra solves security challenges with new tech



GOV. Willie Obiano of Anambra State, last Friday, elevated his quest against criminals to the next level, when he launched Operation Kpochapu II at Dr. Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka. The governor did not only dust up the state security architecture and burnished it, he took more radical steps to consolidate past gains in the critical sector by recalibrating Anambra’s crime fighting apparatus.

His use of the latest technology obtainable anywhere to make Anambra’s streets safer illustrates his zeal for the issue. Through introduction of super smart closed circuit cameras (CCTVs) and 109 no-road-barred trucks fitted with hi-tech security equipment, the state’s security kit is, without doubt, heavy and intact.

  WHILE the sophisticated CCTVs are mounted at strategic locations and public spaces for round-the-clock surveillance throughout the state. Beginning with the three cities of Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi, hi-tech security vehicles have been deployed for rapid response squads (RRS) on 24-hour stand-by to check crime.

  Impressed by the novel development Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, who was on hand to personally receive Gov. Obiano’s gesture to the security agencies, promptly launch patrol teams to designated routes .

  THIS portrays Gov. Obiano as a leader with soft spot for security of life and property and will stop at nothing to keep the state safe and secure despite hard times.

Recall that the present administration in Anambra State held a security summit within two weeks of its inception in March, 2014, from where it came up with its flagship blueprint – inspired by a tripod of intelligence gathering, networking and collaboration of all security outfits – that took no time to become models for other states to copy in crime fighting.

   OBIANO’S regime in the past five years fast-tracked Anambra to the safest state in Nigeria.  With the introduction of an extensive security action plan,  the governor consistently implemented synergy between police, army, navy, civil defense, Ocha Brigade, ATMA and community vigilantes to deliver water-tight security.

  HUNDREDS of pick-up trucks, smart patrol cars, gunboats for waterway patrols, drones, motorcycles, communication gadgets and other incentives were made available for these security agencies.

  EVEN if anyone has anything to the contrary, the fact that a governor who will not seek re-election is still bringing Anambra security apparatus up to speed for the first time speaks for itself. Yet, there’s another fact intertwined to this point. The fact that it is taking place just when criminals are having field days in most parts of Nigeria further stands the governor apart on the parameters of responsive governance.

  THIS is more so, because until Obiano assumed duty, Anambra was in a near state of anomie occasioned by insecurity and instability – where kidnappers and sundry criminals held sway – despite boasting of enormous potentials that should drive other states green with envy. 

Matters came to their heads when city residents seek nocturnal refuge in churches and police stations with respite still elusive most times.  Armed robbers and hoodlums write letters to neighbourhoods and banks threatening them to await their assault on specified day and time they came calling in Mafioso style.

  BUT now ndi Anambra know who has won the war, between criminals and Gov. Obiano who set forth at dawn to match his famous declaration that “….the war against all forms of criminality and lawlessness in Anambra has begun… I am determined to win this war…

I say this to kidnappers, armed robbers and vigilante gangsters, in the name of God, give up your crimes or leave Anambra State for good. If you do not, the might of this government will find you. We are determined to rid this state of criminal activities, whatever resources it takes, with action.

  NO WONDER it has been commendation galore from all spectrums of Anambra citizens and beyond. What can anyone successfully say to the contrary when icons of the intelligence community, intelligentsia, industrialists, religious leaders, market women, tricycle and taxi operators all thumb up a socio-economic model that has won both national and international laurels?

 NATIONAL Light queues behind these men and women of goodwill to not only commend Gov. Obiano – for once again rising up to the occasion – but recommend his security architecture to other states in the South East.

  WE BELIEVE that extending the prevailing state of security in Anambra to other parts of Igboland will foil or nip every likelihood of kidnap kingpins reigning anywhere in the five states.

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