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Operation Kpochapu II: My case for a safer Anambra State




NDI Anambra, we are gathered here today to open a new chapter in our quest for safety and security in our dear state. In the past 5 years, Anambra has maintained an enviable record as Nigerians fastest state!

  And we are determined to make this state safer and more secure than ever from today onwards.

  Umunnem, before I assumed office 5 years ago, it was clear to me that the key to a happy and prosperous state was tight security and architecture. it was disbelief that made security my number one priority after I was sworn in and on the strength of which I organised the first security summit which produce the legendary anambra security architecture.

  Days after the summit we launched operation Kpochapu with over one hundred patrol trucks that we are fully equipped as command-and-control centres on their own. we revamped the police communication networks and erected security tents with sandbags in major flashpoints of crime across the state. we also cut off the roots for the supply of illegal arms to anambra state through our waterways.

  Beyond that, we donated a gunboat to the Navy to patrol our waterways and occasionally, we launch Helicopter Surveillance flights into Anambra skies to detect dangers beyond the reach of human eye. I’m all, we donated over 500 security vehicles to the police the army the navy the civil defence the DSS, NDLEA, FRSC the immigration and the correctional services.

  The results of our efforts have been phenomenal. We declared a total war on criminals, kidnappers human traffickers and car snatchers and brought them to Justice. We have put down houses used by kidnappers as holding cells for their victims.

I remember one memorable incident that stood out as the high point in our war against criminals in anambra state it was the painstaking pursuit and eventual arrest of Okechukwu Nnaegbu inside a South African Bond aircraft at the Murtala Muhammed international Airport in Lagos. Nnaegbu was suspected is the brain behind several high-profile kidnappings around the state. He almost evaded arrest, however you can run but you cannot hide from operation Kpochapu.

  We picked him up in the aircrafts (ask for an applause). That is the depth of our resolve in this fight for triumph of good over evil!

  A cursory look at our antecedents reveal that we have deliberated sustained a joint and effective anti-crime approach with the police and security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the state working together to achieve a common purpose. This has immensely helped our course even as we advanced the initiative in furtherance of our responsibility to the safety and security of Ndi anambra

  Therefore today we are set to do a new thing in this great state accordingly we are rolling out operation which Kpochapu 2 and launching the smart City surveillance system for anambra state. “KPOCHAPU” In Igbo parlance, means “TO CLEAR AWAY” (bad things) and we are set to do just that with with some of the most sophisticated and highly effective surveillance equipment in the world . The equipment came from the Hi-Tech security company that made the gadgets used in tracking the terrorist that masterminded the infamous Boston marathon bombing in on April 15, 2013.

  In launching Operation Kpochapu 2 and the smart City surveillance system we are shifting our strategies to a high-tech, multimedia security backbone that integrates pictures, videos and data analysis to fast-track crime detection, arrest and punishment.

  The smart City surveillance system is Warehouse in the Anambra Integrated Security System (ANISS) which is a platform for creative Security solutions powered by information and communication technology ICT.

  The integrated security system is intended to better organise our existing structure which has the Nigerian police force as lead agency. I expect that the state police command and continued partnership with other Security  agencies as well as non-state actors components of the system, will proactively utilize the advantage inherent in this technology towards a more secured environment.

  The system are already active and will be deployed immediately after this commissioning ceremony citizens are therefore encouraged to report any crime or suspicious movement by calling the store free number 112 or the police control room on 0 7 0 39 19 4332.

  Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, today, my administration is rolling out 111 super-smart vehicles that will be distributed among the security agencies.

  The vehicles are well equipped with communication gadgets special light effects and and other devices that aid effective operation and versatility. We are also rolling out 71 motorcycles for motorbikes squads of the civil defence and immigration services in the state.

  This latest effort underscores the continued commitment of administration to the security of everyone living in anambra state it also effectively depicts our renewed zeal in the fight against crime and criminality in the state.

  More of this will surely come as we have energized in anambra state security trust fund with high-capacity personalities who promised to mobilize needed resources to help sustain the vibrant security architecture in the state.

  Ndi Anambra, is important to note that criminals are human beings. Some of them are related to us from our our friends and acquaintances.

  This is the right time to advise them to change their ways or live anambra State. Operation Kpochapu has been reinvented and re-energized I can assure you that this joint task force will fulfill its mandate to the letter. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  Let me now express my gratitude to the inspector general police A. Adamu, NPM,mni for the great support of the police high command in always releasing his helicopters for our area surveillance operations provision of special visiting mobile policemen to augment our strength and for personal attending the event in spite of its high tight schedules.

  I also thank the state police command the army Navy DSS civil defence , NDLEA, Road safety, Immigrations Prisons and the vigilant services for all their efforts at securing our state. Please keep it up.

  I’m also fully aware of the consistent support and cooperation we have received from the National headquarters of various arms of defense and Security services without which there state commands and formations would have been less cooperative.

  I therefore the Service chiefs especially General Buratai, a worthy patriot, quintessential army chief and my good friend for sending the GOC 82 Div to represent him my thanks also go to the Chief of Naval staff vice admiral Ibot -Ete Ibas, the Director General DSS, Alhaji Bichi and a commandant General of the Civil Defence Corps Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu for the immense support of their agencies in the state.

  I thank specially my friend, His excellency and honorable Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbosola for attending this event. I also thank the honorable Minister of Labor Senator Chris Ngige, Hon Minister of State (Environment) Lady Sharon Ikazor distinguished senators and honorable ministers the house of reps and the respectable guess for gracing this occasion.

  I also can’t most especially the honorable speaker of House of Representatives, Rt Hon Femi Gbajabiamila for sending in a high powered delegation to attend.

At this juncture, I want to assure the anambra at home and in despair that the state is ready for Christmas. We have put the most modern security apparatus in place to ensure that safety of our people this Christmas are beyond.

  Let me use this opportunity to reassure all our people that as soon as this rains subside we shall fix all our broken rules before Christmas. Most of our internal rules we are spoilt by the heavy duty trucks that were avoiding the bad spots on the major expressways.

  Ndi Anambra, my administration is determined to keep our dear state safe and habitable to all. I will keep awake while all indigenes will sleep with their two eyes closed.

  We shall not relent until orchards of criminality in Anambra state are uprooted and wiped out.

God bless Anambra state

God bless Nigeria


Willie Obiano


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