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South Africa in Anambra



…Replica of Iyaro Park

 WHEN I returned from Edo State to Anambra State, I shared my Iyaro Park experience with my friends and they were actually shocked to hear that apart from infrastructural and environmental changes, that the place remained its old self in entertainment.

It was at this juncture that I was informed by my friends that there is  a replica of Iyaro Park in Anambra State, precisely at Amawbia, in Awka South Local Government Area of the state and I decided to be on the prowl to this place named ‘South Africa’.

 In company of my guide, a regular who does not want his name in print, we arrived ‘South Africa’ at 11pm prompt and to my surprise, the place was alive with various musics blaring from different apartments of about 10 large lock-up shops built at the place.

The Anambra ‘South Africa’ could easily be accessed through Ziks Avenue, immediately after St Mathew Catholic Church, Amawbia, if you are coming from Onitsha-Abagana-Awka Old Road, just opposite former Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Anambra State Council Secretariat, adjacent to the popular Eke Oyibo Amawbia Market and garage.

  According to findings, this axis in the past served as parking lots for vehicles that commute from the Northern part of the country to the Eastern and Western parts of the country just like Iyaro Park, Mgbidi Park and present day Obollo Afor in Imo and Enugu States, respectively.

 The place was said to be “baptized” by a luxurious bus driver who in those days, talked bitterly against the whites dominating the blacks in South Africa and vouched to drive his luxurious bus to South Africa and evacuate them down to Amawbia town where they could have equal right to drink and enjoy good things of nature. Hence, till date, people still troop out in dozens to “South Africa” to catch fun and surprisingly, this place is on for 24 hours every day of the week throughout the year.

  This entertainment extravaganza spot that has over 10 lock-up stores dotted around the place provides anything edible in terms of meat, fish, food, all brands or types of drinks and as usual with joints of these nature, sex-hawkers  in various shapes, sizes, ages and colours are not left out.

 Here at “South Africa,” just like at Iyaro Park, there is no class distinction, for both the highly and lowly rated interact on the same level and share the same seats and tables- a pointer that they are bound in one fraternity to catch fun and relax the nerves after the days hassles.

  At Anambra State ‘South Africa’, security is assured for the Governor’s Lodge is quite close, the state Police  Commissioner’s Office, the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department, the Fire Service are located within the axis of ‘South Africa’, not forgetting the various vigilante groups that keep watch over the various quarters that make up Amawbia town.

 Added to all these are the streetlights provided by Anambra State Government under the leadership of Chief (Dr) Willie M. Obiano that complements the serenity of the place, hence there is no hiding place for any criminality to take place.

Also, fun seekers especially night crawlers need not think of mobility for at any point in time, keke and taxi drivers are around to take commuters to their various destinations without hike in fares. So, any person who is within or even outside Awka Capital Territory, especially visitors from other states who want to pass the night at Awka should pay a visit to ‘South Africa’ to catch fun, more so where the prices remain the same as in the day.

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