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Hotels in Anambra not properly registered – Mbanefo



HOTEL and hospitality industry is to take a new shape for the betterment of the people and economic growth of the state. Hotels in the state are not properly registered and this deprives the state the much-needed revenue, besides the security challenges the loopholes of not having proper evaluations of these hotels.

 Anambra State Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Indigenous Artworks, Culture and Tourism, Sally Mbanefo stated this while speaking to National Light on the newly created Department of Hotel and Hospitality Unit of the ministry as it embarked on inspection and auditing of hotels in the state. Mrs. Mbanefo said  that under her tenure, the state government approved to create a new department under tourism that will handle specifically hotel,  inspection, registration, hotel grading, and hotel classification among other services in the industry. 

“One of the most important things for Anambra is its growth and development that requires revenue generation. If tourism can be at the centre of generating much revenue as in other climes, we can tap into it through this new department. We are working with Anambra Internal Revenue Service (AIRS) to see if we can identify the revenue windows that exist in this ministry. And they have helped identify over 35 windows of such revenue. The list has been submitted to them, so that they issue us codes to collect revenue and issue receipts. This process will indicate that the money comes through this ministry to the government.”

 The commissioner maintained that before the commencement of the inspection, that the ministry has embarked on the digitalization of the industry; automated hotel database management system, “We have done e-enumeration, e-registration, e-occupancy, and e-guests. At all time, we know who the guests are. We also know the occupancy level of the hotels. And the next product is the customer service feedback software.”

“Then we are looking at the personnel statistics; there are many loopholes that exist in the system. Many hotels are in the habit of saying they have few personnel when they have more than the number quoted. Our database will capture all these. With the digitalization of the process, when things are going wrong, we will know.”

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