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In Ebonyi, Umahi provides 68 new Jeeps to Exco members



GOVERNOR David Umahi of Ebonyi State has given out 68 Hyundai Jeeps to commissioners, permanent secretaries, senior special assistants (SSAs), special assistants(SAs) that were recently appointed.

Umahi, while commissioning the vehicles in Government House, Abakaliki,  disclosed that the vehicles given to members of his Exco are partly 99.9% government and 0.1 per cent personal, which means that the vehicles would be returned back while leaving office.

“These vehicles are partly 99.9% government and 0.1 per cent personal, which means that if you are leaving office, you have to give it back. The number of days you will ride it before leaving is your own benefit, don’t tell us to calculate, there will be no calculation.

 Umahi further noted that old Exco members won’t get this new vehicle but they get car loan.

  “Let me make it very clear, all the old members will not get brand new vehicles, they will get car loan which is optional.  I can’t explain it but the poverty in the state is high, so I can’t buy you new vehicles every four years. Our people are suffering, they also need attention, their population is what gives us the little we get. 

 “I feel so much for our brothers in the rural area, that’s why I urge you, once in a while, drive into the remote areas with your security to meet people that never had any hope, talk to them, N5000 is a lot for them in that season and that is pure Christianity . You have to leave your talk, put tears of joy in someone’s face, that is our desire, to know how many persons we can lift from poverty.

 “If you have this vehicle and our land is not secure, they will take it from you and if you are government and you are not doing anything, they will be throwing eggs on you, but I’m sure they are blowing flags for you anywhere you go because of the sacrifices you have made.

“ I appeal to you, no man will ever get everything he wants in this world as you make sacrifices, God will be closing places that is meant to be leaking.” Umahi stated.

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