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One hit stars… still remember them?



IN the recent past, the music industry had young talented crooners that made the airwaves vibrating while music lovers equally reached their tempo savouring good tunes. These artists on their first album release made waves and kept people dancing and gyrating like ceiling fans.

The people hoped to see more from these budding music crooners but were disappointed as the musicians do crawl back to their shelves after their first hit albums, and their where-abouts remain unknown to their teeming supporters and lovers. They include but not limited to the following crooners:

Peter Elili: The “Uwayagharayaga” exponent that raved the airwaves in the early 90’s with his hit album tagged “ Uwayagharayaga” that kept music lovers dancing off their heads went into oblivion till date after that splashing album.

Peter Elili, who hails from Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu State, by 1990, released his first and only album till date. He was a staff of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Headquarters then at Lagos in the Library Department.

In that smash album, the artist decried the bad economic situation in the Nigerian Federation and went further as if he was a soothsayer to  opine that if urgent stringent steps were not taken, things would worsen in the country in the near future. A prediction that is being experienced by all and sundry now.

 I am very sure he is no more with FRCN for he resigned his appointment then to become a full-time musician till date, he is missing in action after his first hit album in far back 1990.” Uwayagharayaga” crooner, where are you? Your fans are still waiting to hear from you.

Moses Ugwu: This pop music exponent who hails from Ngwo town, Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State was a delight to pop music lovers when he shunned out in 1986. He took to the style of late legendary pop crooner, Michael Jackson”.

Everything about this “Jackson” of Igbo extraction was that of the late Michael Jackson, from costumes, dancing steps, rhythm, vocals, etc. I recollected vividly that after he assembled his acts, he went on musical promotional tours to tertiary institutions in the country where he was the toss of students and other music lovers who were of the opinion that ‘Jackson’ of Africa has arrived but alas, after that first outing, he went into hibernation and since then, has not resurfaced.

Adaobi Ifepe: This talent is missing in action and her fans are asking “what’s gwan” i.e what is happening?  Adaobi Ifepe, whose stage name is ‘Lady of Dance’ hails from Eziora village, Ozublu, in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State. She shook afro-pop music lovers with her first album released in 1991.

Her dance steps, voice and content of the lyrics were so  fantastic that her fans and even non-lovers of afro pop music were of the view that the ‘Lady of Dance’ is Nigeria’s version of Tina Turner. However, after her first outing in 1991, she has kept her fans in limbo.

Information from one of my parrots has it that Adaobi Ifepe is currently in Anambra State as a member of Anambra State Sports Commission, but one thing is certainly clear, her fans might have to wait for more time to hear from her, if ever she would stage a comeback.

Ken Nwofor: “Onyesi-na-egwuamaro-Awka crooner who came into the music market with a hit track titled ‘Onyesi-na-egwuamaro-Awka in 1987 is from Awka town in Anambra State.

  The highlife musician that played the style of late Ebon Kalu took the music scene by surprise when he released his first and only album till date. The music was a must play for Awka indigenes anywhere they reside and or do their businesses, for the crooner, Ken Nwofor was said to be the first Awka person to come out with an album released under a music label for commercial purposes.

In the recent past when one of my parrots ran into him, he declined making comments on why he is no more heard of in the music industry, but from his body movements, his fans might one day in the near future, see re-modeled Ken Nwofor.

Faith and the Meggai: Faith and the Meggai are twin brothers from Orlu in Imo state that raved the airwaves with their reggae chanting in early 1991. They were recorded and produced on Sammy Sparkle All Stars music label and their fans all over the country looked up to them to be the ‘Bob Marley’ of Nigeria, but alas, after that their impressive outing till date, their names have gone down the drain and their fans have been wondering what went wrong.

 When contacted on phone, Chief Sammy Nwobu of Sammy Sparkle All Stars informed my patriot that since after the release of the album, he has not heard from the twin reggae crooners whom he said were still owing the company part of their production cost and the “five” reggae crooners as he termed to put their acts together and hit the airwaves again.

He assured that he would help them if they contact him or seek any help from him. For the debt they owed his company, he said “I have regarded that as bad debt. What I want is for them to hit back to the music block again”. So my dear faith and the Meggai, you are being waited for.

General Paschal Chehu: The name sounds funny, isn’t it? Actually, he was a ‘general’ when he released his first reggae splash hit on Sammy Sparkle All Stars Music label in the early 90’s. This musician is not Hausa, rather he is an Igbo. He hails from Agulu town in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State. He is Paschal Chinedu but has ‘General Paschal Chehu’ as his stage sobriquet.

  According to one of my parrots, the information he gathered from Paschal’s close associate and a fellow reggae crooner, Sam Theo, from Amawbia in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State is that Paschal is doing business at Ghana but added quickly that his fans need not to worry for very soon, they might hear from him. Please ‘General’, your fans are eagerly waiting for you.

Angus Nwangu: This reggae crooner is from Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State. He stormed the music scene with his brand of reggae music which he dubbed “Kantata” hence his fans call him the “Kantata-dub-Master.”

In fact, music runs in their family for the younger sister, Chinyere Nwangwu as she was then known before she was married, was also a crooner but a religious music exponent who was the first’ musician to introduce chain-chorusing and beating in her Christian LP released under Graceland Music label.

Angus Nwangwu, the “Kantata dub-Master” was in the class of late Lucky Dube, Peter Tosh, Raskimo, the mandates , etc before he fizzled out from circulation after that his one hit track album dubbed “ Kantata style”.

  Today, feelers from one of my parrots have it that Angus Nwangwu now runs a studio at his Orji River country base after being displaced from Enugu, the capital city due to expansion of road network that affected the building that housed his studio in the city.

 This means that he is now involved in bringing up new and budding artists and as well, produce older musicians; a pointer that his fans might not hear his “ Kantata dub reggae” voice again.

            To be continued

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