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APGA‘s offering Anambra progress, further commitment – Obi



Sir Nobert Obi is the chairman, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Anambra State. In this interview with out reporters, he spoke on how the party is working to deliver all his party’s promises for the result to speak for APGA during the next governorship election and the party’s resolve that the next governor of the state should come from Anambra South Senatorial Zone, among others. Excerpts:

HOW is the party preparing ahead of 2021 governorship elections?

  I would say it is rather too early to start talking about 2021 elections. The governor has spent barely two years in his second term in office and as a party, we are doing all we can to encourage him to finish strong.

We got a renewed mandate from Ndi Anambra to deliver good governance and as a party, we are committed on working hard to deliver the dividends of democracy. There is no better way to prepare for the next election than performing with the mandate at hand. Anambra electorates are very informed people, so when it is time for election, they take stock and make their decision.

So to answer your question, we are preparing for the 2021 election by ensuring the incumbent APGA government delivers all its promises so that by then, our good works will speak for us.

As a party, we have organised a national and state retreat for all our officers in the party to get them informed. So we are preparing at all fronts. We are also interacting with our critical stakeholders, ward chairmen and L.G.A chairmen to ensure maximum support at the grassroots.

Your party has zoned the slot to Anambra South Senatorial Zone, what informed this decision?

  In the spirit of equity and fairness, it is very clear and right that Anambra South produces the next governor. You will recall that the former governor is from Anambra Central, the current governor from Anambra North and because APGA has been in power, it leaves us with no option than to go South.

We must not forget also that the people of Anambra South have all it takes to produce the best candidate for the party. So however way you want to look at it, we are on track. This decision will also allow it to be free for all so there would be unnecessary crisis and political tension in the state.

What does your party have ahead of the elections?

  Without mincing words, APGA has performed well in the last 13 years in the state. We have made outstanding progress on all fronts and we are ready to consolidate on our success so far. The former governor of APGA extraction performed well and the current governor has taken it a step forward.

In 2021, we are promising to present a governor who will perform better than the former governors all for the benefit of Ndi Anambra. After 13 years at the helm of affairs, I believe the party has garnered enough experience to pilot the affairs of the state better; going forward, so we are offering growth, progress and further commitment to better the lives of ndi Anambra.

There appears to be cracks within your party, how are these crisis being managed?

  APGA is a political party and if you know the meaning of a political party, you will understand it is the coming together of people with similar interests to take over government. So there are bound to be misunderstanding once in a while. Even in our various families, we sometimes disagree, quarrel and what have you.

But the most important thing is that with each misunderstanding comes a greater resolve to get better, because cracks are little misunderstanding that will be resolved before you know it. APGA is a family and all your fears are being taken care of and will be a thing of the past soon.

There is no political party in this country that is not going through one form of crisis or the other, so this is a phase in the life of APGA as a political party that will soon pass.

Finally, what has APGA contributed in terms of development in Anambra State?

  If we should go into details of this question, this interview will not end today. But first, Anambra is the safest state in the country and development thrives where there is peace. Investors are coming into the state and this is creating jobs for our youths.

The kind of family politics the party plays has brought calm to the once politically volatile state and we are all benefitting from it. Anambra is adjudged to be the state with the best road network in Nigeria and we must give credit to APGA.

When the entire country went into recession, Anambra State stayed afloat even without taking bailout funds, yet our economy continued to grow stronger. The party has ensured it carries all critical stakeholders along and they in turn, contribute their quota in developing the state.

So far APGA, the state is one big family. Anambra has done well in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), doing well in education, health, security, infrastructural development, etc.

  If you look at the agricultural revolution going on in the state right now, it simply tells you that a party with a clear cut ideology is at the helm of affairs. Virtually all sectors of the economy is booming under APGA’s care and we are ready to do more.

The state is replete with numerous infrastructural developments. For instance, street lights litter every nook and cranny of Anambra State. As result, night life has gradually returned in virtually all the towns of Anambra State.

The widely acclaimed government choose your project where millions of naira are given to all the communities for infrastructural development of all towns simultaneously is the brainchild of APGA led government in the state. Thank you.

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