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Boxers make my testicles cool – Obi

Mr. Ekene Obi is a university student and youth activist in Awka. In this chat with NKECHI IKENWOKE, he dwelt on the fashion statement in men’s undies and his personal preferences with undergarments. Excerpts:



..Says men wear boxer to please women

How do people wear boxers when they run?

“I just know I never had an issue. I have been wearing boxers since I was a kid and did track and field in middle and high schools. I never wore any kind of supporting underwear or cups, jockstraps, or the like.

 I just wore regular boxer shorts under my gym shorts. I was always conscious about my junk flopping and swinging around as I ran and jumped hurdles, but I never hurt myself.”

How can you tell if your boxers are showing?

I sag my pants so I always know my boxers are showing. If you’re not a sager, a good way to tell if they’re showing is if you feel a bit cooler back there or feel breezes more easily. That usually means your boxers are exposed.

Do boys still wear boxer shorts?

For sure. I know my eight-year-old twin nephews who wear boxers, along with their 12-year-old brother. My 14-year-old step brother also wears boxers, and his best friend does that too.

 I’m not a creepy guy; it’s just that my step brother and his friend sag their pants so it’s not a question of what they wear. Boxers seem to be popular, at least in my family and friends circle.

Have you ever offended somebody with something you were wearing? What was it that you wore?

Judge me how you will, but I love sagging my pants. It offends quite a few people, especially my parents, but that depends on how low I sag. It’s not as offensive if I sag a little low but I honestly find it comfortable to sag my trousers very down.

Have you ever seen anyone’s dirty underwear other than your own and how was it like?

Of course, I am the oldest of my siblings. I have two younger brothers. When I was probably nine or 10, my parents started asking me to do laundry duty for the house.

So in addition to my own underwear, I’ve seen my parent’s dirty underwear and that of  my two younger brothers who didn’t always wipe very well, as I’d see skid marks in their boxers and sometimes, have bathroom smells coming from them.

Luckily, as we got older, they got better, though especially after sports; their boxers would smell sweaty and sometimes still be damp from sweat.

Why do you prefer wearing boxers?

I prefer boxers because they are loose and to let my equipment breathe. I also feel much more comfortable.

When did you start wearing boxers?

I started wearing boxers when I was 12. I ran out of my usual underwear – whitish tights one day. My 13-year old brother lent me one of his boxer shorts. After wearing those boxers for one day, I knew I couldn’t go back to briefs, so I met my mom the next day to plead with her to buy some boxer shorts for me and she got them for me and I’ve been wearing them ever since then.

What would you advice a 12-year old boy to wear? Boxers or briefs?

My personal suggestion would be boxers. That is dependent on you though. Are you an athletic or active guy? If so, you may want to wear briefs as running or playing basketball with boxers can get you uncomfortable with your equipment flopping around.

If you are not into sports or being active much; if you just do stuff around the house, then boxers are perfectly fine. You won’t necessarily need the support that briefs come with. It is ultimately up to you.

If you’re athletic and want to wear boxers, more power to you, as I did. If you want to wear briefs, that’s fine too. It shouldn’t matter which one you wear, and if anyone in the locker room makes fun of you for wearing briefs, don’t get down about it.

What is the most embarrassing thing that you’ve ever done in front of someone you have a crush on?

I sag my pants from when I was 14. When I was 15, I was talking to my crush; a girl about the same age as me, and wearing sagging jeans and boxers.

Let’s just say I was a little excited as well. The girl was pretty. My male friend decided to make fun of me that is to pants off me, so he drew my jeans down. Luckily, my boxers stayed on and she saw how excited I was. She got highly angry and I felt embarrassed.

What do men wear the most, boxers or briefs?

Not sure about most men, but most of my friends throughout middle school and into college have worn boxers. When I switched to boxers at 12, most of my friends still wore briefs. The majority of my friends wear boxers.

Do males hate it when they finish urinating and it drops in their underwear?

Yes, I really do hate it. No matter what I’ve tried, I always get drops in my boxers and, because they’re boxers, they also skip the boxers and drip right onto my thigh.

What underwear do you find the best for ease of urinating?

Boxer shorts for me. It’s very easy and faster for me when I want to urinate. Back then when I wore briefs, I hated trying to take my dick out, and I tried both pulling it out.

Do people usually wear underwear to bed even When they’re wearing pyjamas?

As a guy, I always wear whatever boxer shorts I wore during the day under my pyjamas pants whether long or flannel, sweatpants or gym shorts. I just never liked the feeling of going commando. Even during sleep, it’s just weird to me. And if I decide not to wear pyjamas pants or even shorts because it’s too hot, I will just sleep in my boxers and never nude.

How long should you keep a pair of underwear before you throw it away?

I usually go through my boxer drawer about twice a year. If there are stains or holes, in the garbage it goes! Judge me however you want, I also sag my pants. So, I get rid of boxers that I’ve worn a lot even if they’re still good, because they’ve been seen a lo;, and I’ll also get rid of boxers that I just don’t like to use anymore. Then, I make room for new ones. That’s me though.

How many days straight have you worn the same underwear?

I always change my boxers every day. One time I dared to wear the same boxers for one straight week, it was terrible, especially during summer and I had a fairly active job.

Is underwear necessary under boxers or can they act as underwear themselves?

Boxers are the best thing. No, underwear is not necessary under boxers as they are underwear. It also depends on what you are using them for too (if you are wearing them as sleepwear). Nine to 10 people won’t be wearing anything underneath the boxers or if you are using them as underwear, nothing is worn underneath. I wear silk boxers more often and I don’t wear anything underneath them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of various types of men’s underwear- boxers, boxer-briefs and briefs?

For instant, boxers allow testicles to be cooler, allowing for more sperm production and increased fertility. In a research I recently studied concerning statistics behind boxers, men who mostly wore boxers had 17 per cent more sperm and 21 per cent higher concentration of them than men who preferred tight underwear.

The two cohorts showed little difference in the activity, morphology, or genetic integrity of their sperm. But men who wore tight underwear have higher levels of follicle-stimulating hormone, which is released by the pituitary gland to boost sperm production. It’s an indication that the system is trying to compensate. High testicle temperatures hurt fertility.

A few decades ago, medical researchers began to notice that some men with fertility problems did jobs that regularly exposed them to high temperatures.

A study from 1992 found that otherwise healthy ceramic-oven operators were twice as likely to have difficulty fathering children than their colleagues who worked in shipping. In another study, French bakers were much slower to impregnate their partners than men in a low-heat control group.

Which type of underwear is best for men, briefs or boxers?

Well, here are my own views on the subject. I consider 100 pre cent cotton woven boxers to be the most comfortable underwear. They’re loose everywhere except in the waistband, allowing air flow up the legs and around the lower trunk. Woven cotton dries more quickly than knitted cotton. And I don’t like the feel of man-made fabrics against the skin. So even if there are types of fabrics that dry quicker than cotton, I don’t like them because I don’t like the way they feel.

Woven cotton fabric is like a thin handkerchief, whereas knitted fabric is like that of a t-shirt. When I sweat in knitted underwear, they just stay wet until I take them off. The woven cotton is more likely to not stay wet.

 Every set of briefs and every boxer briefs I have seen are knitted, and even some boxers are made up of knitted fabric. The knitted fabric is why briefs and boxer briefs can form fit in some areas and stretch out in others. But woven cotton has no stretch, which is why woven cotton boxers are cut loose.

Even if I’m doing some athletic exercises calling for more support, I prefer to wear a jock strap under boxers. The jock strap pouch is knitted and holds things securely in place, but I can still get some air circulation around my backside.

As far as boxer briefs go, I consider them to be a combination of the worse aspects of briefs and boxers. They fit tightly around the upper thighs and no circulation. The ones I have seen have a pouch which is less supportive than brief. And, since they’re knitted fabric covering more areas than knitted briefs, any dampness from sweating will be held in a larger area. Personally, I think they even look ugly like a men’s girdle.

One trick to being comfortable while wearing boxers, especially if you’re wearing jeans, is to smooth out the legs and make sure they’re lying flat by giving each leg hem a tug down before you fasten your trousers.

If I do this, I never have any problem with the boxers bunching up. Perhaps boxers wouldn’t be comfortable with really tight skinny jeans, but if you’re wearing skin-tight jeans this would defeat the whole concept of getting any air circulation to your underwear.

If you’re wearing some really low-rise trousers and don’t want your underwear waistband to rise high above your trouser waistband, then boxers won’t fit that bill.

I personally believe that men wear boxer shorts as a rite of passage from boyhood and adolescence into adulthood.

A lot of boys are dressed in whitish tights by their moms at or around the age of four or five years old. Once a boy turns 21, it’s likely he’s seen boxer shorts in advertisements, online, or even on his friends.

Boxer shorts are marketed as the grown-up version of white briefs. Boxer shorts provide zero support and they bunch up under jeans and are impossibly uncomfortable under leggings.

White briefs are fairly common for many men, even after adolescence passes. To my eyes, they look awful – barely an upgrade from a diaper. On the positive side, at least they provide some support. Boxer shorts provide no support at all.

Women seem to prefer the way boxer shorts look on men. One woman, I knew told me that white briefs were a total turn-off for her in bed.

Men are often willing to do just about anything to please women. This simply explained why many men wear boxers instead of white briefs.

For me, I prefer using boxer shorts instead of other underwear, like briefs and boxer-briefs, for a few reasons:

They are loose and allow my package to stay cool and not get sweaty. They don’t tightly hug my package against my body. They just feel comfortable and look cool.

I used to wear briefs before and when I switched to boxers, it was amazing and I love it. Since then, I have tried boxer-briefs a few times, but they are too much like briefs, not enough like boxers – too tight and makes me sweat down there and holds that sweat in.

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