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Obiano commended for assenting to Disability Rights Law



GOVERNOR Willie Obiano has been applauded for his  best policies to alleviate the problems of Persons With Disability  in Anambra State.

The Special Adviser to the governor on Disability Matters, Ezewuzie Chukwuka  stated this  during a sensitisation workshop organised for  Persons With Disability  by the European Union (EU), in partnership with the Advocacy for the Rule of Law and Anti Corruption ( ROLAC), Anambra State,  at Choice Hotels, Awka.

The SA noted that the governor in his policy and polity has barred the prohibition and discrimination against persons with disability in Anambra State.

“The governor is set to establish a disability commission to enhance the benefits accrued to the disabled in Anambra State. It is the right of persons with disability to be actively included in the policy making of the state. A law to provide for the full integration of persons with disabilities into the society, to prohibit discrimination, disparity and evenness has been set running,” he added.

The workshop which was focused on sensitising members on the key provisions of the disabilities rights law 2018 of Anambra State  had in attendance coordinators and chairmen of various local governments and units.

The state coordinator ROLAC,  Josephine Onah, while addressing the participants said, “I am so glad seeing this number of turn out for this workshop. We often meet barely scanty halls when we host this program in other states. It is a good thing that this body and association is actively working in Anambra State.”

The law has been gazetted and will be presented to the public soonest. We are in no way relenting in our pursuit to have this law fully implemented. We hope to really satisfy the European Union and the disability community before our exit in 2021 as stipulated by the European Union and bring accolade to ROLAC for achieving much.”

The Chairman, Joint National Association Of Persons With Disability (JONAPWD), Anambra State chapter  and the Executive Adviser to the Governor of Anambra State on Disability Matters, Ugochukwu Okeke, in his remark, applauded  Governor  Willie Obiano for his effort in assenting to the disability bill and making it a law in Anambra State.

Comrade Ugochukwu commended him for his friendliness to the disabled and strongly chairing any issue of concern to JONAPWD. He noted that he is the first eastern governor to ensure such honour to the union and all of her members. “I sincerely want to say a very big thanks to you our able, Willingly Working Willie”.

 The President of Customary Court, Awka, and a principal facilitator of the event,  Princewill  Chinalu Iwuafor explained that the law is “Disabilities Rights Law 2018, which was first passed into law by the federal government as “Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities. The essence of this law is not to favour persons with disability above others or accord them preference, but to bring them at par with normal people and ensure parity among the citizenry”.

“There is no special advantage to persons with disability, it’s just a way of setting up equality among all persons regardless of health status or fitness. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and its optional protocol is the parent law to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities from where every other law derives and derived a leaf. However, disabilities rights law provides appropriate sanctions and punishments for defaulters”.

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