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“I am bitter, it’s an attack on my seriousness” – Ancelotti



DELUSION and bitterness: this is how Carlo Ancelotti felt at the end of the 2-2 tie against Atalanta. There was controversy as before Ilicic scored the late equalizer, there were calls for a penalty for Napoli on the other end.

  The penalty was not given by VAR. Here is what Ancelotti said to Sky Sport after the game: “I don’t even want to discuss if it was a penalty or not. The defender had not interest in the striker.”

  He then continued to explain the motive for his actions that got him expelled: “Giacomelli told me ‘help me fix things’ and I told him ‘but you don’t have doubts it is a penalty?’

And he threw me out. The team played very well, they deserved a better result. I feel disappointed. I feel attacked, it is an attack on my seriousness. I am very bitter.

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