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Ovuleria not dead – Zebrudaya



AN ICON of The New Masquerade soap, Mrs. Lizzy Lizzy Ovueme (aka Ovuleria) has dismissed rumours of her death that went viral on social media and online publications on Tuesday as a hatchet job by detractors.

  Confirming that she was hale and hearty in a telephone chat from her Port Harcourt residence yesterday, Ovuleria said that those who wished her dead would die before her.

  Though the chat did not take long to end, her voice was strong, clear and sharp, indicating she was not going through any form of illness.

  Commenting on the development, another veteran who acted as Chief Zebrudaya, who Ovueme acted as his wife in the famous but rested soap opera, Chief Chika Okpala, said he also rang  Ovuleria’s phone when he was asked of the ‘news’ by an associate, but he found out she was not dead.

  “Ovuleria is alive because I just spoke with her few minutes ago before your call came in. She is okay in Port Harcourt,” he said.

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