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Great stars: Where are they now?



SUNNY Bobo: Sunny Bobo, aka, Onyekele Sunny, Sunny ekeleya,” in his hit album tagged, “Old Skool”, Igbakwamgba dah took the music scene by storm and those that enjoyed life in the 60’s remembered musicians like the Peakocks/Skylawks International Band, Rex Lawson, the originator of “Love Adure” and Herbart Udemba, the ‘bottom belle’ crooner, for Sunny Bobo used their type of musical percussions, hence the title “Old Skool”. In fact, as the old generations were savouring the heat of the music, the young ones danced their heads off because of its high tempo beat.

Today, music lovers and pundits who thought that old generation music icons would be resurrected in Sunny Bobo of “Old Skool” phenomenon have been proved wrong for the Old skool exponent is missing in action. However, one of my white parrots who visited Imo State, the homestead of Sunny Bobo, discovered that his fans might not wait for a long time to hear from him.

  Nelson Ejinduaka: Nelson Ejinduaka and his group musical organization, popularly referred to as “Show Promoter” is a household name in the music industry. The group has many albums in the music rack that expose the ills in the society for people to be aware and avoid being victims to such negative vices.

In one of the group’s last album, titled,“Ndi Uka White”, the folklore singer exposed the barbaric activities of white garment churches. These four tracker apart from the lead track, “Ndi Uka White,” contained other revealing tracks namely, “Uto Nwanna di; “Onye Oru-Ugbo” and Egwunachom. The lead vocalist of the group is Nelson Ejinduaka(aka show promoter), hails from Umuoma Uli, in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, while Aboki Machacha assists.

  Felix Ndukwe: Felix Ndukwe, the gospel music crooner of repute is noted for his brand of gospel music which contains excesses of greedy people in the society who float the name of God to make fast and easy money.

Because of this kind of exposure, those that indulge in such negative vices do not like him. But inside, their conscience would tell them otherwise. That is why Felix Ndukwe has great followers.

He equally has one thing going for him — his voice is something else while his stage dance and demonstrations are second to none. He has a lot of hit albums to his credit that include “Imitation Prophet,” that held sway on top of gospel music chart for many months.

  Patty Obasi: (The Sower) This is another gospel music crooner whose music serves as a soothing balm to the listeners. The tempo of both the beating, delivery of the lyrics and his sonorous voice are delight to behold.

 The messages contained therein in his over 15 world class albums are very educative, informative and entertaining. A typical example is the album he released in early 1984 when the army over threw the civilian administration of President Shehu Shagari on 31st December, 1983.

The album titled, “Billionaire in a crate” is a vivid account of how the military junta then wanted to ferry home one of the top stakeholders of the ruling party – the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) who fled away from the country after the Buhari-Idiagbo coup in a crate marked diplomatic luggage, an effort which was thwarted by eagle-eyed security agents.

If not for the efforts of the U.S security, Umaru Dikko would have been extradicted illegally from his host country and Patty Obasi captured the scenario and composed it into gospel music, that till date, it remains evergreen in the gospel music ranking. Patty Obasi, the “Sower,” as fondly called by his fans, seems to have retired from music composing for nobody has heard from him for quite some time now.

  Bright Chimezie: The highlife zigima sound exponent was a customs officer turned musician. After his secondary education, he enrolled into the custom profession where he was prominent in the custom’s music band as a lead vocalist and also excelled in sporting activities to the admiration of his employers and before long, he had followers.

Bright Chimezie, fondly called ‘Okoro Junior’ in the music circle by his Ozigima lovers, in attempt to give his large teaming admiration entertainment tonic at its peak, resigned his appointment and went into full music vocation.

He started hitting the airwaves and the music rack with many albums that made him smile to the bank, have international and local invitations to entertain and perform in different occasions. The Ozigima sound exponent is naturally endowed as a musician for he composes and sings his songs, dances and dresses like a typical Igboman.

His golden voice, his open teeth complemented with his oval face and chocolate complexion are sights to behold when he is on stage. One of his fast sold album, “Life Na Teacher”, a six tracker has “Life na teacher”, Iheomasiginaobi”, “Siyanaihurianaanya” “Biakwanuruonum”, “Oji mu emeonu” and “Greetings in Africa” are full of incisive messages.

 Bright Chimezie resided in Lagos and later re-located to Owerri in Imo State, where his wife gave birth to twins. After the birth of the twins, he again moved back to Lagos with the family.

However, on enquiry by one of my seven parrots, Sir R.E Okonkwo, who is the executive producer of Bright Chimezie and also the MD/CEO of Roggers All Stars Nig. Ltd; the recording and marketing studio of the Ozigima highlife crooner, stated that the entertainer cum music maestro is currently resting  in Umuahia, his homestead, with his family and co-ordinates  his business from there.

 He disclosed that up till now, that Bright Chimezie  still collects his royalty from the company on sales realised from the sale of many of his albums the company produced and are still marketing, a pointer that those old vibes of the crooner are still fast sellers in the music market.

Sir Okonkwo declined making definite statement on when next fans of Chimezie will hear from him again by releasing an album, but, from all indications, it is obvious that “Samboy” is not likely preparing to enter the studio very soon. “Papa Ejima” (father of twins), your fans want to hear from you.

  Theresa Onuora: Theresa Onuora, the leader of the famous original “egedege” music of Africa hails from Unubi town in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The music dancing  group has won many laurels, locally, nationally and internationally, because of the uniqueness of the composition of the tracks, the traditional instruments used, the artistic natural wears and dressings of the dancers, the  dressing code of the leader and lead vocalist that presents her in an African setting as a goddess of the water.

One of the sensational hit albums of the group, a four tracker titled, ‘Agbalu Aka AzoAni”, that has tracks like “OnyeAnwunanga”, “Egedege Ejisigo Uwanine”, “Agba-Aka-azo-ani”, “Nwata Bulu Mmanwu Uzo” and “ijere Elubego” is an album that exposes the rich culture, customs, tradition and frekways of people of Igbo extraction presented in musical form laced with idioms, proverbs, which are the oil with which the Igbos speak.

 Fillers from two of my parrots that went in search of Theresa Onuora discovered that the single lady singer, who probably is in her late 50s is hibernating at her father’s compound at Unubi, from where she and her group attend to occasions or festivities when invited to come and entertain the audience. It was also discovered that invitations these days are very few; no thanks to the dwindling pockets of the people due to the harsh economic climate of the country.

  Nevertheless, the African “egedege” music maestro is still around but it is not likely that she would hit the studio of Supreme Movie Industries Ltd, her producers for a new record deal in the very near future. Even her marketers, Peace and Godwin C.V. best could not be located on phone after several calls to ascertain  the current sales volume of her old works in the market. Aunty Theresa, the egedege maestro, “Kedu”?

  ‘Ogene’ Onyeoma Mgbajala: Onyeoma Mgbajala, the “Ogene” traditional music exponent who hails from Ifite-Awka, in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, when he released his six tracker album, titled, “Ogene Onyeoma Mgbajala Ifite Awka” into the music scene.

Music lovers embraced it especially the people of Eastern Nigeria because the music comprises traditional instruments like the gong, flute and other Igbo traditional dressing “panaphenaria” like the raffia palm, etc.

Tracks like “Ebere Chi”, “NneOma” “onyeNwuru” “Ndidi” and “Madam” provide soothing balm to traditional ogene music lovers. However, for sometime now, the followers of this eight man band have not heard from them as it seems the band has gone into oblivion. Onyeoma Mgbajala and co, what is happening?

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