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The church is working to curb societal ills – Bishop Obi



The newly enthroned Anglican Bishop of Nnewi, Rt. Revd Ndubuisi Obi is from Nnewichi, in Nnewi North Local Government Area of Anambra State. In this interview with ADAOBI CHUKWUJEKWU, he highlighted some issues and recent happening in the society as it concerns the youths, including the role the church has played to curb such menace in the society. Excerpts:

 WHAT has been the role of the church looking at the way it has influenced the society in recent times from the Christian perspective?

The church has just one weapon being a spiritual one, which is the word of God. The church co-exists in various ministries which include women ministries, men ministries, children ministries, youth ministries and the congregation in general.

The head servant in charge goes on using the word of God which is the Holy Bible to teach, charge and admonish the followers and the members. So the word of God is more than enough. The church has contributed its own quota in all forms to curb societal ills.

The church is doing its own bit which is spiritual and not to be quantified or seen physically and the church will not stop what it is known for- prayers, witnessing and seeking righteousness.

How has the church influenced the society?

The church to a large extent has shaped and influenced the society. Considering the way the church operates, 80% of people interact with the church through prayers, witnessing and evangelizing, apart from attending Sunday general church services.

After interacting with the society, which is very heavy with evil happenings, threats and evil experience, only one ugly incidence makes headline news without being investigated. Then it looks as if the church is not doing anything.

Why the increase in suicide and sexual abuse presently in our society?

  The truth is that internet and other forms of social media are influencing our youths. Youths are being hooked in pornography even in the church as seen recently. Our youths are addicted to pornography and it seems the church cannot force anyone to stop being influenced with the trend of the social media as it is linked to technological advancement.

What about the parental role?

With their wards at the school environment or at the higher institutions, the parents cannot control only by talking and making them to worship God and doing the right thing. Some of them are the ones exposing their children to their unhealthy living.

Let’s digress and talk about the recent fire incident at Onitsha, Anambra State. What can you say about that?

  Upper Iweka has always been known with notorious activities as a result of various vehicles and people clustering. Some of our people do not deserve the good things. They do not adhere to the speed breakers inserted at various points.

  People should know that this could be linked to spiritual. Sometimes, people of God need to go over there to pray against blood sucking demons. The government must as a matter of necessity equip the fire fighters instead of calling Asaba Fire Service.

  Having fire fighters at Nnewi, Awka and Onitsha, especially Nnewi and Onitsha with densely populated markets and shops is very important. One can imagine the trauma and shock for those that survived talk more of those that lost their lives in the recent Onitsha inferno. May their souls rest in peace.

  And then, looking at the roads in Nnewi, I am personally concerned, believing the church has a role to play; making sure I will start from my own Jerusalem, meaning working at my own site.

What is your advice to Anambra State now?

  I will start with the present condition of Anambra that was looked upon as a state with good road chain; and now all the roads are dilapidated and they are an eyesore. But when it comes to security, the state is doing well; no more kidnapping. Security wise, the state is on top but infrastructural development is not getting the right attention. Let the governor try to live a legacy for himself.

We have not seen much in our schools. The road to Boys Secondary School, Oraifite is unbearable. We plead to the government to help us. Even the 100 foot road where the Bishop’s Court is located is being threatened by erosion gully. We are praying for the government to come to our rescue.

Now that you are the bishop of Nnewi Diocese, a husband and a father, how do you cope?

  You forgot to say a child. I am a son to Rev. Cannon Chukwuma Obi and Ambassador Uzoma Obi, former Principal of Holy Innocent Juniorate Convent Nkpor. Both are alive. I thank God for blessing me with a supportive wife, Mrs Ukamaka Obi and with our God-fearing children; four biological and four foster children. All these are to the glory of God. 

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