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‘We encourage Ndi Igbo to invest in their region’



Uchegbu Chidiebube is the Head Officer, Client/ Admin Relationship Department in charge of the proposed new city, New Awka Millennium City. In this exclusive interview with National Light’s IFEANYI NDUKWE, the real estate expert sheds light on the development of the proposed new city, investment opportunities, among other issues regarding infrastructural development.

WHAT are the objectives of this organisation and why the project at the moment?

  This project is a superb one. It is expected to be one of the best in South East and I bet there is not going to be another like it, at least for a long time to come. In lieu of this, we tagged it, ” Onye Ije Nnoo. Aku ruo ulo.”

It is expected that every person, both Anambra indigenes and non indigenes can effectively invest in this lifetime opportunity. Our idea is to encourage fellow Nigerians, especially Ndigbo to invest in their region and thereby attract tourists’ attention to the environment.

Our objective as a company is to provide homes, as well as commercial hubs to the area in an excellent and conducive atmosphere.

Who are the target audiences for this project?

  Every person who is a citizen of this great nation, Nigeria, most especially South Easterners, who are living in the Diaspora and overseas.

How can private individuals participate in this lifetime opportunity?

  Yes. Everyone is involved; private or agency. One can buy and build. We, as a company can also build on your behalf to carcass level. For individuals who intend to build, we give them the designed plan for the housing project.

  Additionally, we have package for people interested in spreading the opportunity; marketers per se. Every marketer is entitled to 3% of the purchase of a buyer. This opportunity is open to all. It is an avenue to provide employment and a means to an additional source of income.

What is the payment plan and requirements for participation?

  If you think you are capable and interested, you are in. However, we have various methods of payment for interested investors. We have the outright payment and a provision for instalmental payment.

We understand that some persons may find it difficult to make a full outright payment. Hence, provisions for a reasonable flexible payment plan. One may decide to make payment for residential, commercial and recreational part.

On the part of the residential; we have the low density, medium density and high density residential and very low density residential. Irrespective of the place chosen, each of them has its value tag on.

  Example, for low density, an outright payment plan for 1000 sq metres is N20.9million, while the flexible payment plan is N22.900million with 25% down payment. 500 square meters cost N10.450million while a flexible payment plan costs of N 11.495million.

If you choose the instalment, you are expected to make a deposit of 25% of the total money. Then, the investor is expected to make a payment of N2million plus every six months until he completes the payment.

When is the project expected to kickstart?

  The project is on top gear. Currently, we have mapped out access roads linking the various points of intersection of the proposed city. We have a target to hit a certain successful level by December 2019. We hope that by then, investors who drive-in can see the physical manifestations.

What are other plans in place to ensure maximum continuity and longevity of a project like this?

  Even before the idea was presented to the Anambra State Government, there was a designed plan on the management of the city. There are plans to ensure good servicing of the houses especially for occupants who are foreign based or live elsewhere.

There are plans to ensure maximum security and surveillance of the environment.  Provision of recreational centres and other hang out sites. We are determined that every objective and visionary to this city is

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