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CR7: Santos denies Sarri’s injury claims



JUVENTUS star,  Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the field as usual with his Portugal squad tomorrow night, in the European qualifying match against Lithuania. His manager, Fernando Santos, confirmed this at the press conference today (via

  “Everyone wants to talk about him because he is the best player in the world. Cristiano is here, he is called up, he is well and he will play,” Santos stated.

  Very clear words about the physical conditions of CR7, which certainly contradicts the statements that Juventus manager, Maurizio Sarri made on Sunday evening. The latter talked about a knee and adductor problem that affected Ronaldo negatively, as the reason behind the substitutions against Lokomotiv and Milan.

  However, as was clear on the images, Ronaldo wasn’t happy when he left the pitch and immediately went down to the locker room. In fact, he even left the stadium before the final whistle. In other words, his real condition remains a mystery to the media, as two stories are being told from two different parties.


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