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Medics condemn self medication



THE Awka zonal Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr. Izuchukwu Okeke has advocated periodic visits to qualified medical doctors to ascertain the health status of the citizenry.

  Dr. Okeke, who made the call while speaking to the press in Awka on tips to achieve qualitative health care and longevity, frowned at self medication which leads to unpleasant health consequences.

  Expressing worry that some people due to poverty or ignorance refuse to assess health care services early, warned that such practices may lead to untimely death which are rife in the society.

  According to Dr. Okeke, early detection of ailments and presentation of such cases to doctors are key to arresting them.

  He advocated prevention rather than attempting cure for diseases.

  The NMA boss cautioned people against lifestyles such as smoking, sedentary lifestyles, etc as inimical to the health of people.

  He encouraged regulated exercises and engagement of self into productive ventures that circulate the blood system.

  On the environment, Dr. Okeke noted that filthy environments give rise to proliferation of diseases which are preventable.

  The medical expert spoke on a vital activity such as hand washing as a plus and gateway towards elimination of some communicable diseases.

  As the season of yuletide approaches, Dr. Okeke warned against excessive consumption of food and drinks.

  According to him, such excesses lead to complications and account for some deaths that occur during and after festivities.

  Given the establishment of the national and state Health Insurance Policy by the federal and Anambra State Government, the Awka zonal chairman expects the needful to be done to ensure that health care providers and the citizenry benefit maximally.

  Dr. Okeke warned the citizenry not to die in silence but to always consult their doctors instead of patronising quacks.

  On his part, a former Awka zonal chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, Dr. Oliver Onwughalu warned against self medication which is seriously injurious to some vital organs of the body such as the kidney and liver.

  Dr. Onwughalu decried the abuse of drugs prescription by non medical personnel, self prescription and using doctors prescription without the doctors diagnosis.

  The medical expert decried the deaths of some people due to self medication and wondered why people sacrifice their health on the altar of servicing their other needs.

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