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Oguegbe debuts with book on youth discovery, career development



 A NEW book with the title “From certificate to success” written by Chinemerem J. Oguegbe, the Chief Executive Officer of Officer Geoserve Renaissance Academy Awka (an academy that helps young people through the process of self-realisation, looking inwards and identify who they are, passion, potentials, and turning their skills and passion into sustainable business)  is set to be launched this Friday, at  Cosmila hotel, conference hall Awka by 2:00pm.

  According to the author of the 78pages book, segmented into 7 chapters,  expects  government agencies, members of the state house of assembly, members of national assemble, senators,  house of representative, former gubernatorial aspirants in the state, representatives from higher institutions, youth based organizations, critical stakeholders,  groups  and everybody that have the interest of people at heart in attendance.

  The book will be reviewed by Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Umezinwa, Associate Professor Department of Music, Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka, with chairman of the occasion as Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo, former special adviser to president Goodluck Jonathan on Technical matters and special envoy to president Goodluck.

  In an exclusive interview with National Light, Oguegbe revealed that as a youth, he got inspiration to write the  book  as a result of his  personal journey,  seeing the level of joblessness and lack of direction of our young people, felt the need to contribute  positively to the self-development  youth in discovering and actualizing their dreams in life, “ I went through school like every other person and high hopes of getting my dream job after school, but I came out of school, but I came out of school and there was no job out there.

There was no training on how to do, survive or live my life outside paid jobs, so it was an opportunity for me look inwards and see what I can do for myself it was that process that brought me to where I’m today and because of that,

I felt the need to put these philosophy in writing and share it to others out there who may want to discover themselves and live above daily and endless searching for jobs so that was the inspiration that led me to write this book”

Further speaking, the book goes down to identify the major problems that are facing young people in our country today and try to give an awakening and practical  solutions, “the first chapter of the book goes down to identify the mindset that that limit the young generation, which is the mindset that we go to school  to get good grades, so that we can get good job and live our dream life.

  The second chapter talks about redirecting the need for self-discovery, the need to go inwards and discover who you are, chapter three goes to tell us the need to make right decision out of life, the fourth chapter talks about, finding your purpose in life, what you want out of life, defining who you are.

While the fifth chapter also goes inwards to link our emotions and behaviours to success, identify inwards how our behaviours affect our success in life. The sixth chapter talks about the act of selling, gives us the strategies that we can sell those skills that we have identified, we can sell them.

It can be musical skills, it can be your unique way of talking to people. So, chapter six having identified those t6alents and passions and turns it into lucrative income and sources of wealth.

  Then, chapter seven gives us practical lead on how to start this self-discovery, so it is a full package. It is a book that gives you a practical example, practical philosophy and example from Nigeria students and young people in challenges they faced in daily basis.

The book is also selling on Amazon, it is an opportunity to change the narratives in development and empowerment of young people.” he said.

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