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Dominion City Enugwu-Agidi holds annual thanksgiving



SUNDAY, December 1 witnessed the gathering of Christians from Njikoka, Awka and environs at Dominion City, Enugwu-Agidi during the annual thanksgiving service.

  The resident pastor, Dominion City, Abagana, Pastor Kelvin Freeman in his sermon stated that thanksgiving is a principle of life that builds a strong future for generations to enjoy. “It is an attitude of life to God that determines one’s altitude. It is a life style as well as yeast for multiplication.”

According to the cleric, “thanksgiving is not just a religious tradition, it is a universal order designed for upliftment of màn.” He explained that the end of a thing is better than the beginning and warned Christians to avoid pride which robs them of God’s blessings rather they should develop attitude of gratitude with humility, acknowledging God’s greatness.

Pastor Freeman, who further urged Christians to always occupy themselves with activities that glorify God especially in the yuletide, reiterated that every acceptable thanksgiving must bless and increase the giver. He cited example with King David who bought everything needed for Solomon his son to build the temple of God while Solomon gave God thousands of oxen for a burnt offering and warned Christians to stop giving God rejected gifts which hinders their blessings.

In an interview, the resident pastor, Dominion City, Enugwu-Agidi, Pastor Charles Olisaemekà who was vividly excited, said, “today is our annual thanksgiving service, a time we come together as a Church to express our gratitude to God by raising our voice in praise unto Him because He (God) inhabits the praise of His people.

“When we do that like the Israelites when they faced three nations that were stronger than them, they lifted their voice in praise to God and God set those nations against themselves and they defeated themselves. So when we do this, anything that stood as barrier to assessing the blessings of God in our lives is lifted and our victory is guaranteed.”

The pastor however, advised Christians to imbibe the attitude of gratitude and avoid murmuring and complain. According to him, “the primary requirement for thanksgiving is being alive, God commands His children to give him thanks in everything.

Contributing, one of the members of the Church, Pastor Moses Ugbo expressed gratitude to God for bringing them into the last month of 2019, describing the event as a special thanksgiving.

According to Pastor Ugbo, “lack of thanksgiving is the only reason why people sorrow, they keep complaining, keep recounting the things that God has not done, thereby losing sight on the ones He did.”

He urged Christians to always count their blessings, naming them one by one and it will surprise them what God has done. “An attitude of thanksgiving is the altitude of a steady receiver. Remain in the attitude of gratitude as to continue to rise into your altitude, “he noted.

High point of the celebration included spirit filled worship, ministration by Dominion City Angels Choir, testimonies among others.

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