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Edo inaugurates Benin River Port Technical C’ttee



THE Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has inaugurated a technical committee headed by Greg Ogbeifun, to propel the actualisation of the Benin City River Port Project  which will form core of the state’s industrialisation drive.

  The terms of reference for the committee included organising a procurement process for the engagement of a project transaction adviser within the next 60 days, then work with the project transaction adviser to determine potential project sponsors, structure and the maritime model as well as examine the project financing arrangement, introduce and commence correspondence with the relevant regulatory authority.

  He also posited that the committee should further strengthen the work done by the initial technical committee, boost the economic potential of the state, fast-track its evaluation process so that the financing of the project could be readily accessed, review the feasibility study design and operational aspects of the port project.

And also ensure that the port aligns with the original objectives, and finally, that the technical committee will monitor the implementation of the project.

  The chairman of the committee, Greg Ogbeifun assured the governor that the committee will work within the terms of reference given.

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