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Golibe festival to hold in Onitsha



COMMISSIONER for Agriculture, Namdi Onukwuba has declared his support for the 2019 edition of Golibe Festival that will take place in Onitsha from the  December 24 to 1 January 1, 2020.

  Golibe festival which was inaugurated last year is aimed at promoting the culture, traditions of the people of Onitsha.

   Speaking to the press in an interview, the commissioner  who is also an indigene of Onitsha stated that “every Onitsha indigene should be proud of this forthcoming festival and they should support it. It is a festival that exposes our culture to the world. We want the festival highlights to be so attractive in entertainment and educating to the extent that Onitsha and Ndi Anambra  indigenes as a whole leaving in diaspora  will look forward to visiting Onitsha every Christmas, hereby promoting tourism as well.” He further stated that Golibe Festival will be extended to other cities in the state in the nearest future.

He futher went ahead to thank the governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obaino, on the grounds of security, adding that  the state, most especially Onitsha, is now safe and Golibe Festival will take full advantage of the gesture as events may close late at night or very early in the morning.

This year’s edition of Golibe Festival will make it the the second consecutive year it is holding. Activities featured in the festival includes, reading, poetry, drama, music competition, beauty pageants, cooking contest, etc.

One of the organisers of the event,  Ejiofor Equatu assured the masses that the event is something that they don’t want to miss. In a statement , he said, “last year, the festival was inaugurated and the turn up was massive. I am appealing  to people to come and witness the culture of Onitsha in this festival, they would not be disappointed”. He also stated that the festival is open to kids and adults of different walks of life and different tribes as well.

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