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Ma Uduezue goes home in style



DEATH is inevitable but the manner of its occurrence and what follows afterwards is more significant. What counts after death is your relationship with Jesus. The greatest thing in life is to have Jesus. Funerals are not actually for the dead but for the living to make amends where necessary. 

 Pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Victor Nnebe, stated this during his sermon at the interment of Mrs. Paulina Uduezue at Umubelle Village, Awka. He declared that the fall of the first Adam necessitated Christians having a mediator in Jesus Christ with a more excellent and established ministry.  

Revd. Nnebe, son-in-law to Ma Uduezue, urged Christians to live exemplary lives and cautioned against deviating from Christian norms and values. “Many Christians are looking for quick miracles. If you don’t know it, Satan blesses but on the negative side. God has called everyone to propagate His kingdom. As a child of God, seek whatever you want through the right channel in Christ.

  He advised people going to funerals to desist from having merriment mindsets, “When it comes to celebration, you can have fun to whatever degree you want but when it comes to funeral, beg to differ. Many people didn’t help the dead when alive. It mustn’t be cash, it could be simply praying or encouraging them with kind words and not plan for lavish funerals when they are dead.”

  First daughter of Ma Uduezue, and Director Victina Garment And Kitchen, Evang. Martina Nnebe, described her mother as a God fearing woman, who loved being around people with  generosity as her second name. “I learnt a lot from her. She was a woman with unwavering faith in God. If not for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Applying the virtues I imbibed from her has been of great help to me. She doesn’t discriminate, she was such a unifying factor in the family.”

  Son of the deceased, Benjamin Uduezue said his mother was worthy of a woman, “Though she lived up to this stage but we would have loved it if she had lived longer to fully enjoy the fruit of her labour. ”

Chijoke Nnebe, extolled her grandmother’s virtuous life, describing her as a God fearing woman, kind hearted and hard working woman.

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