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Bank’s ATM hijacked by juju priest



LAST week,  news of an ATM hijacked by a juju priest went viral. The machine, belonging to the Awka branch of a major bank located beside Crunchies Foods on Enugu-Onitsha expressway was said to be malfunctioning after the incident.

This came to the notice of the bank officials after several customers had complained that their transaction cards were immersed in something greasy. This led to deep cross-examination by the IT department and it was discovered in their CCTV footage that earlier in the hours of the morning,

a young man in his mid-20s, alleged to be fetish had approached the place of the mounted machines. After making his incantations, he rubbed the machines with his body. The identity of the supposed juju priest is yet to be uncovered.

One of the staff of the bank who spoke to our reporter based on conditions of anonymity said it took extra measures for the management to instruct those responsible for machines to clean the affected machines and put them in order.

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